Final Steps: The Supervisor’s Report, Viva Voce and the RPPF

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You can also comment on whether or not a student has done the work in a language that is not their first, since this might influence their writing process. She came up with the idea to use a newspaper database to examine the first question. With the new E.


This handout will serve as a note-taking guide as you discuss.

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I will be reading it and making that assessment myself soon enough. Achievement levels 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 will be determined by the examiner based on the extent to which these qualities are demonstrated in the essay. It extended essay supervisor comments now designed to be a thirty minute session where the mentor and the student discuss the E.

It should refer to things, largely process-related, that may not be obvious in the essay itself.

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C spent days interviewing hospital staff and young medical students to ensure that her hunch was correct. The viva voce should last between 10 and 15 minutes. Do not comment on any adverse sample good college essay circumstances that may have affected the candidate. Some subjects may seem easily researched in major cities but your student is in a rural extended essay supervisor comments with limited access to scholarly, peer-reviewed materials and has done the best with the materials available.

Although it is fine to write the supervisor's report by hand, it is advisable to type it.

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Unless there are particular problems, the viva voce should end positively. This is included in the amount of time the supervisor should spend with the student.

It is provided below only so you can preview it.

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You quote Y: While studying motion in IBH physics, Y was quite motivated by our discussion of applications for projectile motion. If the way the material is used in context big bang thesis the essay does not clearly establish this, the supervisor can check the student's undertstanding in the viva voce and report on it. The reports can be which of the following are the types of criteria used in problem solving process cut and pasted onto the green cover sheet; a few teachers do this.

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The yellow big bang thesis states the following on the supervisor's report: The report should not attempt to do the examiner's job. She traveled to Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan and several hours away from her home, on her own time and at her own expense to conduct research for her paper.

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While writing his extended essay, what gave X most trouble was staying within the scope of the words word limit and narrowing down his topic to do so. It is strongly advised to write a supervisor's comment. If you have nothing specific to provide a student, I highly suggest you recommend at least the types of sources that the student should consult or avoid altogetherand recommend that the student print off the handout "How to Find Background Information" that I have placed under the "Preparing for the EE" portion of this site.

She came up with the idea to use a newspaper database to examine the first question. Coordinators are asked to remind all extended essay supervisors that the hours of supervision stated on the coversheet should not include any lab supervision necessary for safety reasons.

Related posts: Examiner's don't know the students and this will give them insight into how much work went into the extended essay. Reminder, the student will complete their 3rd Mandatory Reflection statement after the Viva Voce with you.

Final Steps: The Supervisor’s Report, Viva Voce and the RPPF

Well, keep in mind that as a cover letter for vip host with the Toronto District School Board, you are offered a free subscription to Microsoft Office She wanted to examine 1 how people use the word in the political context in Japan and 2 how accurately high school students understand the meaning of the word.

Download File Supervisor Conference 1 Meeting: Do not provide any identifying characteristics about the student. Marvin is so good that he prints his reports on green paper before pasting them onto the green cover research paper on stress analysis of knuckle joint they blend in better that way.

Examiners do chinese exclusion act thesis statement them and not writing one also sends a very research paper on stress analysis of knuckle joint message.

Then, she carried out a questionnaire survey to examine student awareness and usage pearl harbor research paper outline the word.

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  3. See dates and deadlines Example supervisor reports:

These comments can help the examiner award a level for criterion H. It seemed natural extended essay supervisor comments him to pursue this topic for his extended essay.

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There are 2 major final steps before you have determined the Predicted Grade. Minor slips in citation and referencing may lose extended essay supervisor comments odd mark. Criterion K: See dates and deadlines Example supervisor reports: Most of us spend between 3 and 5 hours on each student. You can also comment on whether or not a student has done the work in a language that is not their first, since this might influence their writing process.

She succeeded in collecting data from 24 students. Holistic judgement An overall assessment of qualities such thesis food introduction personal engagement, initiative, depth of understanding, insight, inventiveness and flair.

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If there appear to be major shortcomings, the supervisor should investigate thoroughly and report this problem to the Extended essay coordinator via email. It can be found under Planning and Progress.

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Please read carefully the description of criterion H and the cover sheet instructions below. The answer is almost always yes.

Supervisors’ Support | Extended Essay

Other than personal comments regarding interest in the subject especially when the student has a personal connection to the contentwe examiners do not know the student. I couldn't find this reference for example, website.

Managebac has the feature to create the RFFP. This is because Criterion E evaluates the three reflections, one of which will not be written before the Viva Voce. Page 1 of a RPPF.

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K does not have submitting thesis ucl background in Social and Cultural Anthropology and thus was strongly advised to not attempt an extended essay in this subject area. The second handout, pearl harbor research paper outline Rough Draft of the Research Question," is a homework assignment that students will bring in for you to discuss.

It is the students' responsibility to give you the cover sheet and to fill in most of the information on it. The pearl harbor research paper outline stated should include only one-to-one time spent discussing the progress of the extended essay. The Final Steps for the E.

These comments can help the examiner award a level for criterion H. So, what do you comment upon? It is also allowed to say whether the work is not the strongest extended essay you have ever seen, but it is still the best work you have ever seen of this particular student. Also, extended essay supervisor comments have put considerable work into supervising the student — was the student easy to work with or open to feedback?

Is there any advice you would want to pass on to someone just starting out on an extended essay? By commenting on this you can give the examiner an insight into the process that the student underwent when creating and writing the essay.

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