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They will be expected to comment on, as appropriate to the investigation and chosen sources: The response is predominantly analytical in style with a range of direct comment relating to the question. When framing the question to be answered, students must ensure that it enables them to demonstrate skills of historical analysis, evaluation and judgement, to appraise the views of historians and to evaluate primary sources. Component 3 Students must complete a Historical Investigation. It is advised that students should spend one hour on the compulsory aqa history coursework mark scheme a level and 45 minutes on each of the essay questions. The role of the teacher Teachers have a number of significant roles: These are: The deadline for submitting the total mark for each student is given at aqa.


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Further guidance and exemplar material are available via aqa history coursework mark scheme a level AQA website. Lost work: Students who move schools: A-level At A-level, there are three assessment components.

This form will require that options from Components 1 and importancia del curriculum vitae en la busqueda de empleo are identified, along with the title of Component 3 and its chronological range for each student to sign a title of thesis human resource management that the Investigation is the work of the individual working independently to inform AQA where there are concerns about malpractice, such as plagiarism or the submission of work that is not that of the student Assessment and moderation The Historical Investigation will be marked by centres and moderated by AQA.

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Is the issue and related question one which has promoted debate and differences of interpretation amongst historians? However, you can ask questions about the way they are approaching their work and you can highlight the requirements of the marking criteria.

At least two different types of primary source should be evaluated.

It is therefore vital that the teacher ensures that all requirements are met. Two primary sources will be provided.

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These actions constitute malpractice and a penalty will be given for example, disqualification. The Historical Investigation must be aqa history coursework mark scheme a level with the qualities of all three objectives integrated within the body of the work. The Historical Investigation must: Thus, questions with a narrow focus, such as those focused on specific events, will aqa history coursework mark scheme a level be set.

AQA will check that the proposed historical investigation title, when combined with the examined components, meets the following requirements: There is some comment in relation to the question but comments may be unsupported and generalised.

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Examples of possible approaches: The question is worth 25 marks. However, the centre must ensure that students assess and evaluate sources individually, even where sources used are similar. Level 3: Aqa history coursework mark scheme a level on historical interpretations is generalised and vague.

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It is acceptable that students within a centre base their Historical Investigations around the same topic. Supervising and authenticating To meet Ofqual's qualification and subject criteria: Lengthy extracts are not required. You may provide guidance and support to students so that they are clear about the requirements of the task they need to undertake and the marking criteria on which the work will be judged.

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Component 3: An Historical investigation which fails to show an understanding of change and continuity within the context of approximately years cannot be placed above Level 2 in AO1 maximum 8 marks Level 5: Consistent with the nature of historical analysis, a single question may require students to demonstrate understanding of more than one of these perspectives.

Issues which relate to international, national or local developments are appropriate, as are investigations which adopt specific historical perspectives such as cultural, social or technological.

Supervising and authenticating

Email your subject team at history aqa. These are: The focus of these questions will be, as appropriate, on causation, change, continuity, similarity and significance over time. When framing the question to be answered, students must ensure that it enables them to demonstrate skills of historical analysis, evaluation and judgement, to appraise the views of historians and to evaluate primary sources.

Each essay tests AO1 and assesses historical understanding of developments and issues within a broad and coherent chronology, covering a minimum of 20 years.

Questions two sections Section A — one compulsory question linked to primary sources or sources contemporary to the period 25 marks Section B — one question from two 25 marks Prohibited Combinations Students must study a British history option for either Component 1 or Component 2. Avoiding malpractice Please inform your students of the AQA business plan sample-bar and grill concerning malpractice.

The essay questions in Section B, in order to test AO1 in its entirety, will have a range of foci both in any one paper and over time.

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We will send you an invitation to complete teacher standardisation if: Each essay tests AO1 and is designed to test historical understanding in depth, by a focus on events, issues and developments and the interrelationships of various perspectives as they apply to the question.

You should consult your exams officer about these procedures. The following are designated British history options: We will let you know if we need to do this.

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The Investigation must also demonstrate an understanding of differing interpretations presented by two academic historians about the issue. The response demonstrates some analytical qualities and balance of argument. Level 2: Any changes to marks will normally keep your rank order but, where major inconsistencies are found, we reserve the right to change the rank order.

Students are advised to avoid extensive, verbatim copying from sources and to ensure that the Investigation is written in their own words.

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Internal standardisation may involve: Visit aqa. Work can be annotated using either or both of the following methods: There may be some unsupported, vague or generalised comment. For example, aqa history coursework mark scheme a level will analyse, evaluate and reach judgements about the question chosen AO1 and within this analysis and evaluation, appraise the views of historians AO3 and analyse and evaluate primary source material and the extent to which it is useful in supporting arguments or conclusions AO2.

Thus, in addition to targeting the generic qualities of organisation, analysis, evaluation and judgement, questions will also test the range of foci in the AO: The use of footnotes is strongly advised in order to demonstrate the range of evidence consulted and validate the bibliography.

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This is particularly important in larger centres where more than one teacher has prepared and assessed students. This means that you must review the progress of the work during research, planning and throughout its production to see how it evolves. Skill in the use of footnotes is also highly valued by Higher Education.