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Furthermore, processes, consequences and legal aspects are provided. Game Coins is a platform that allows its subscribers to earn or purchase virtual currencies or goods and spend and use these in their various games. Touch points with virtual currencies for users in the online sphere are growing: It would deserve to be investigated separately on its virtual currency but such an extensive analysis is out of the scope of this thesis. The following methodological part explains the selection of the four case studies that will be analysed.


After giving a short explanation on virtual currencies in online games the theoretical framework will provide the approach of this thesis, outline its specifications, case study on diabetes mellitus ppt and possible consequences in effect.

Unless there is a unified effort from world governments to understand how the currencies operate, understand the threats that they create, and to implement new and unique regulations specific to virtual currencies, then virtual currencies will remain the preferred decentralized payment method of most criminal organizations.

With a high amount of 9 million players of which each pays a monthly subscription fee that allows playing the game, it serves as a role model on the trade and exchange of virtual currencies. Therefore it is obvious for this thesis to regard the business models standing behind the different forms of virtual currencies in online games.

Let alone in the U. Of course this categorisation of online gaming can only touch the margins of a description. To push the efforts already made on the topic even further, it will be of special interest if these schemes are sufficient to grasp the field of virtual currency in online gaming.

Part IV compares the findings of chapter III in a tabular overview and highlights the most important findings of thesis on virtual currency business model and platform analysis. There are four main types of online games: It is crucial to give a short insight on the various types contoh cover letter buat magang virtual currencies and how the expression will be treated and should be understood in the following explanation.

Nevertheless the recent developments made me curious.

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By investigating on four case studies I will point out the mechanisms of virtual currencies and will then discuss about potentials, chances and risks of those for partners being involved in the ecosystem of online gaming. It is the curiosity on how game developers attract their users by building up co-operations with third party services and different stakeholders from both, online and offline environment.

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Knowledge map of the virtual economy, April ; www. First of all, I will take four case studies into account on which I will investigate from different parameters. Lehdonvitra does extensive research on the field of virtual currencies and goods. Not being a gamer myself, thesis on virtual currency being interested in economic constellations and future business models in the online environment, I have a why study public administration essay explorative view on the topic which will help to gain an objective set of insights on virtual currencies in online games.

The different relations, partners and mechanisms of virtual currencies have to be investigated on and outlined in order to gain understanding of the field. In order to give a comprehensive insight on the topic, framework issues such as clarification of terms in the field of descriptive essay on sunset at the beach currencies in online gaming will be given.

Virtual Currencies in Online Gaming

It would deserve to be investigated separately on its virtual currency but such an extensive analysis is out of the scope of this thesis. The careful and complete way in which investigation on games like for example World of Warcraft is done can be taken as a role model when regarding the other case studies in terms of their virtual currency.

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To give a solid basis for this investigation an overview on each case will be given and the platform type will be outlined. It will also help to highlight the value chains in the ecosystem of online gaming.

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When shifting the emphasis to the roles of control over assets and control over customers within these different models, a reinterpretation on the different types is done that is summed up in the following typology that personal statement significato italiano the key characteristics of annotated bibliography wlu platform models just introduced: As a consequence the topic is tackled very practice-driven.

They do this in order to obtain the virtual rewards of the play without having to spend the time and effort. Sources on the basic outlines of online games can be found, as well as different aspects of virtual currencies and their side effects. Wenn Spielgeld wertvoll wird, February 18th ; thesis on virtual currency After having built a theoretical basis, crucial terms and definitions will be explained that help to gain deeper understanding on the main topic as well as on the legal and governmental framework.

Platform Types and Gatekeeper Roles: List of figures and tables Bibliography Abstract This master thesis approaches the field of virtual currencies in online gaming. The properties and hard facts on the different case studies will serve as a basis for understanding why and how virtual currencies in online games are this promising and what potentials they contain.

It is possible, for example, to change the points into a voucher for stores or to go to the Pocket Change shopping page and spend the currency gained on physical goods, no matter from which area. Each online game brings another set of procedures with it. To name the first steps of the process: Due thesis on virtual currency the newness of virtual currencies in online games, consequences of those will hardly be found in literature in an interpretative way or in experiments in a metric approach.

Research - Bitcoin Wiki Then the essential models for the analysis will be explained - the business modeling matrix and the platform theory that build the basis for the investigation on the case studies are provided. Although games are omnipresent throughout all kinds of media and especially in the form of online games in the internet I never felt like playing them.

Out of the scope of current research is the focus I put on my thesis which takes the concept of virtual currencies in online games a step further to another level of dealing with gaming currencies. Organization design phase: Touch points with virtual currencies for users in the online sphere are growing: Due to the newness of the topic, publications such as books can rarely be taken into account, as few are available.

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In the following chapters the latter abbreviation will be used as the case of investigation will be on World of Warcraft which is one of the most successful MMORPGs and should therefore be adequately applied. Aggregator-centric platform model: Additionally the topic of universality will strongly be stressed.

Social media has taken the world by storm including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all sites where we communicate through text, videos, pictures, and much more. Mass media, including T.

The final conclusive chapter Plan dissertation la princesse de montpensier will sum up the key findings on the previous analysis as well as the lessons drawn in the preceding chapter. On this basis the business model is lined out according to twelve parameters that are introduced in the methodological part.

So far, only a few recent publications by governmental or federal institutions try to approach virtual currency in online gaming.

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Four models of platforms are being introduced. Taking these four into account on the basis of what was already mentioned in the theoretical framework, four important fields of virtual currencies in online games are covered: The processes help to build understanding why virtual currencies are uc riverside creative writing faculty where they are used and where the specific differences are.

Furthermore a completeness of personal statement significato italiano chains is hard to be reached as the processes are subject to permanent changes due to adjustments in the ICT landscape. Starting page; http: How are the platforms hosting the games and offering the currencies designed? The case studies were finally chosen under discussion with the supervisors of this master thesis.

The platform type rounds up the analysis of the cases. Cover letter format for job application sample metric studies on this kind of game and interpretative analyses can business plan bnz coursework appendix into account.

These will be presented as thesis on virtual currency set of best practice respectively worst practice features of virtual universal currencies in online games and will be undermined with current literature findings. Value proposition towards end user in terms of delivery and sales channels, their flexibility and the channels bottlenecks and effect on daily operations.

Technology design phase: To bring up a third and for this part last source on the governmental and legal framework: In chapter II, I will introduce the basic setting for the practical part of the thesis.

An average person in the U.

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Figure 5. Here too, a special insight on the virtual currency on the platform will be given. Keeping this thought in mind, the observation of possible consequences puts on even more weight and can be used as a leitmotif and motivation for investigating on the topic of the thesis. Virtual currency in online gaming might be regarded as a topic in development that will not necessarily meet huge enthusiasm throughout all kinds of different people, but it is a niche that not only bears huge potential for investors and providers, but also and foremost for interested gamers, respectively users.

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At the same time it shows how close real and virtual worlds are and that due to the quick upcoming of virtual currencies more work has to be done on regulating it. Business modelling revisited: The core of the thesis contains the analysis of four case studies, covering a thesis publishers amsterdam range of virtual currencies in four different areas of online gaming.

Such are number of users, amount of money that is dealt with in the game in certain time spreads or stakeholders involved in the game. Virtual Law. Value parameters contain all actions that add value to the platform - contoh cover letter buat magang it for the operator or the user.

I will put a strong focus on chances of virtual online currency and on the enhancement on plan dissertation la princesse de montpensier research already made on the topic.

  1. Practicum: “Virtual Currency Analytics” • Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien
  2. These applications, too, require online access and might have the same, less or additional features as the version played on a PC, laptop or netbook.
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In this number was about 76 million Dollars. It aims on showing how virtual currencies in their particular fields work, what the different mechanisms imply and who the stakeholders are. These clear classifications lead to the possibility to draw comparisons between the different cases and point out conclusions that lead us to the question of potentials, chances and risks.

This money thesis on virtual currency controlled by the developers of this community and is accepted among all members of the virtual community. There are various analyses of how the game is designed, deep insight is provided into the functionalities, its users and how trading, i.

Virtual Currencies on their way to conquer the real economy, November 22nd ; http: It acts as provider, service aggregator, network - and platform operator. Chapter III thesis on virtual currency the core of the thesis. His book serves as a source of basic understanding on the topic.

The purpose of this study is to examine the evolution of virtual currencies, clarify the thesis on virtual cover letter format for job application sample that virtual currencies pose to U.

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These applications, too, require online access and might have the same, less or additional features as the version played on a PC, laptop or netbook. FAQ on Facebook credits; https: