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Howkins proposed a definition of creative industries based on the four fields of intellectual property law: From an environmental perspective, the creative sector is relatively low impact. The next section takes a closer look at these issues, the question of indicators being closely linked to that of the definition of the creative economy itself.


The example of PEC and others honda case study answers that regional amenities and quality of place characteristics can be used not only to attract tourists but also to attract residents.

The Creative Economy: Key Concepts and Literature Review Highlights - 愛墾 網

The field of the creative economy is in fact difficult to define and comes up against a large number of international definitions, thus posing an intrinsically difficult terminological problem and challenge. It is also changing what work people do and want to do as well as where they want to live.

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Creative cities are approaching their creative potential in unique ways, building on the strengths that already exist. What can be agreed upon however is that in whatever form the industries are defined, they lie at the centre of what can be labeled, in broader terms, the creative economy.

Traditionally, youth engagement in the arts has been connected to cultural development and social inclusion, strengthening leadership skills and community building.

First, this highlighted not only the polysemy of the term and the recurrence honda case study answers its use, but also, and to diverse degrees, the rejection of the dichotomy existing in the opposition between elite culture and popular culture, art and industry, culture and entertainment, and individual creativity and industrial innovation. Another important social aspect of the creative economy, particularly the cultural industries, is its role in fostering social inclusion.

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Here the understanding of creativity is broad and can come from any citizen in any profession or sector. The blurred contours of a poorly outlined economic landscape The concept of the creative economy is an emerging construct for which the component content has yet to be stabilized.

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The rather more messy, but more exciting reality is that traditional performing arts and cultural organizations are increasingly being drawn into the creative content dimensions of the creative economy with playwrights, musicians, and a host of inkululeko essay becoming more interested in how to develop intellectual property IP beyond the show, and to use the full range of social and broadcast media to reach the widest possible audience Knell,p.

Understanding and measuring the creative economy: What types of activities, products and occupations are to be considered? Given that creativity itself is a very difficult concept to be precisely defined, the discussion appears not clearly focused on specific problems and there are no clear conclusions.

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It refers to a vast group of socio-professional categories: Critics from the left argue that focus on an elite global mobile class leaves out insight into the impact of attracting such a class on the low-wage service sector required to keep them, or the growing gap between rich and poor.

Here the emphasis is on 4 7 intellectual property as the result of the creativity invested rock creek golf club case study the making of the goods and services included in the classification. Other contributions present an in-depth survey of the situation and problems in some countries all over the world: Retweet This: Within the political field, as well as academia, efforts to clarify the concept resulted in a variety of proposed classification systems.

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Participation, Collective Production, and New Paradigms inkululeko essay Cultural Production Creativity has never been an individual or isolated activity, despite the fact that some policymakers and regulators would suggest so. The Social, Cultural, and Environmental Benefits of the Creative Economy The core culture sector that drives the creative economy has long been regarded as a key ingredient in the quality of life for individuals and communities.

A new case file phd thesis structure culture The concept of creative economy remains a source of great deal of confusion homework masters degree ambiguity. The Conference Board of Canada, along similar lines, suggests that there is a growing understanding and appreciation of the relationship between the arts, the cultural industries and broader society stating that a creative economy extends beyond the culture sector to harness creativity in order to bring about positive social and economic changes across a broad spectrum of industries, sectors and social organizations The Conference Board of Canada,p.

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In fact, as this literature review should i put a cover letter on my cv, evidence suggests that the creative economy is revitalizing manufacturing, services, retail, and entertainment industries.

Concepts Multiple definitions of the creative economy have developed over the past how to write a literature review abstract to fifteen years which are contributing to further understanding of the knowledge-based economic activities upon which the creative industries are based. Is the methodology appropriate?

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A second objective was also proposed; it concerned the urban regeneration of industrial areas through the development of creative and cultural clusters. Developed inthis list of industries and activities was a first step in measuring and understanding Canada s creative creative industries literature review. In light of the creative economy literature, where is the line between the arts and commercial culture?

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The Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Expressions specifically identifies the cultural industries as essential to the achievement of the benefits of culture diversity in developed and developing countries alike UNESCO, Consequently, the presence of art and artists in a place is seen as a facilitator to break with routine, develop creative thought and encourage invention Landry, ; Landry and Bianchini, ; Hall,