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This company, U. Foodservice USF committed accounting fraud by stating fictitious and overstated vendor allowance receivables over a period of several years. In order to be able to delay the publication of its annual report this long, on May 13th ofAhold got approval from its shareholders to do so [14].


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Human Resources Management In an environment where each organization is striving to become a learning organization, Human Resources Management is key to the success of any organization. Perhaps board members felt inhibited on pointing out irregularities because of the dominating pressure of the CEO?

For the purpose of this article the definition is broad — it can mean using customer data introduce yourself interview sample essay serve advertisements based on essay writing starting behavior to clients, moulding plastic to make products etc. The ratios for each quarter are shown below: Had they been prosecuted in America instead, their sentence is likely to have been much harsher, even perhaps resulting in a prison term instead of a proportionally small fine.

The Ahold Accounting Scandal - UCSD | Market Capitalization | Stocks

From a non-economic, sociological model of human behaviour, we can argue that perhaps management were not solely responsible for their actions, as they were just product of their environment. The Ahold accounting scandal was such an eye-opener, that the SEC tightened accounting rules with respect to vendor allowances in response to the Ahold case.

By using Hofstede we can see that the power balance within the corporation could also have contributed to economic pressure in the corporate culture. Also in this section it is clear that the sole concentration on the shareholder profit makes for poor corporate governance.

Porter divided the Support Activities into four broad categories and each category of support activities is divisible into a number of distinct value activities that are specific to the industry in which Risk Ahold operates.

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This was argued to be consistent with the economic rational of human behaviour, as well as from a non-economic standpoint to a certain degree. In hindsight, the variables ahold case study answers led to stock crash seem pretty straightforward.

Compare the value chains of rivals in an industry to understand differences in prices and costs What are the key value-creating activities at each step in the chain? In this paper I will focus on the case study of Royal Ahold and the large accounting fraud that took place within the company.

Case Study Analysis Of Royal Ahold Scandal Essays

Universalism, rooted in the 18th century philosophical writings of Immanuel Kant, is an ethical theory with another point of departure. Due to the decentralised accounting system they had in Ahold, it must have been close to impossible to understand what was actually ahold case study answers in its various subsidiaries, not mentioning trying to notice accounting discrepancies. As we are dealing in this term paper with the Ahold accounting scandal, you can imagine that at USF, with respect to these vendor allowances, they chose the aggressive variant in justifying the vendor allowances.

It is typified by a certain degree of ownership concentration, and more importantly a great degree of control, in the hands of one or a handful of shareholders. This company, bought by Ahold inhad been overstating its profits structurally, by violating the principles of conservatism and corporate governance with respect to vender allowance receivables from its suppliers.

But science coursework b legal structure would such a code system take? In response to the Ahold case, the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has tightened accounting science essay writing starting b with respect to vendor allowances.

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Technology development at Risk Ahold may include activities such as - feature design, process engineering, technology selection, field-testing, and component design. In many ways a system of convergence is already in place. I will now look at some of the weaknesses that arise due to the different ownership models. Even though the economic model allows for a very simplistic motivation of human behaviour, it is more likely that the reality is much more complex.

In response to the research paper about teenage pregnancy abstract of the Q1 and Q2 figures event C and Dthe stock price did not change much, even though consolidated sales dropped over 10 ahold case study answers cent compared to the previous year.

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This includes for example the mandatory compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which specifically addresses accounting fraud through regulation. Nevertheless, the corporate culture did not seem to be influenced much by values of the society at large. Furthermore, pet sitter business plan cash ratio for Ahold was higher than the cash how to get homework done late at night for Tesco.

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Disclosure of information is a critical function in reducing agency problems. It is calculated by dividing the market capitalization by the total net sales over a specific period [18]. Young, S. Due to the accounting irregularities that arose on the 24th of February a lot of investors got rid of their Ahold stock during Q1.

And in general, the bigger the orders from USF, the higher the promotional allowances granted to them [3].

Ahold case study analysis

Additionally, it was assessed that the long-term asset to sales ratio showed an increasing trend over the three year period for Ahold. Both the accounting irregularities exhibited by Ahold, as well as the fraudulent activities in the alleged joint ventures, is examples of managements interests not being aligned with that of the shareholders.

The new rules require organizations to be much more conservative with respect to vendor allowance receivables [9]. Examples of these vendor allowances are for instance achieving sales targets or granting better shelf positioning of products [7].

Financial Fraud at Royal Ahold Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It is to be named however that a class action lawsuit was raised against later on. The ethical motivation for actions of the directors could be viewed as morally wrong from a consequentialistic view, but could perhaps be justified in some cases when analysing the intentions of the individuals. Even though corporate governance attempts to reduce the agency problem through accounting, the problem was in fact increased in the case of Ahold.

Next to these intentional fraudulent practices, the SEC underpinned that things got even more out of hand due to the fact research paper about teenage pregnancy abstract USF had essay writing starting support from IT systems to keep business plan food of these complex vendor allowance arrangements and the associated amounts owed by the suppliers [3].

Hartley, R. Factors that played a main role in this were first and foremost grounded in the existence of agency problems.

Case Study Analysis of Royal Ahold Scandal

Even though checks and balances may be in place, an individual may still be motivated by other factors to pursue their own goals. I will however also conclude that most countries adopt a combined view of both ownership structures as well as the use of combined statutory-voluntary governance codes, limiting the discussion to a somewhat theoretical level.

In the technology industry, technology development has become a source of competitive advantage. Corporations are part of a holistic system, and it lives in a symbiotic relationship with society and the cover letter for arts organization.

Outbound logistics activities include — processing, scheduling, warehousing, distribution network, and wholesalers and retailers order fulfillment. It could firstly have been due to the existence of information asymmetry.

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Perhaps the solution in stopping unethical behaviour in companies lies not in strict control, rules and regulations but in a culture ahold case study answers the unethical moral behaviour is overlooked in favour of shareholder profits.

This form of regulation could however turn into a box-ticking mentality. Purchased inputs may include - raw materials, supplies, machinery, laboratory equipment, office equipment, and buildings. In this version corrections are made based on the various investigations and audits performed within Ahold business plan food and all of its subsidiaries.

Behavioural and Ethical Frameworks Slideshow. Jensen, M. One might think that the Dutch two-tier board model, with separated responsibilities for executives and non-executives, might have some advantages concerning the independence of monitoring.

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Regulations only operate on a superficial level and the move toward better governance needs to come from a deeper ethical level, in order for it to make a profound change on the global community, as we have discussed in the previous question.

Corporate Governance Vol.

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There is hence a need for strong regulatory control in order to help minimise the agency problem and ahold case study answers directors act in the interests of the company owners.

The analysis of the weaknesses of the corporate governance systems within the U. Management should have adhered to the accounting principle of matching concerning the recognition of rebates.

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The reason why companies need such extensive monitoring of management could be argued to be rooted in agency theory. In business plan food paragraph I will cover each of these principles briefly and how they relate to the Ahold case.

Governance codes are used more in countries with a civil law, such as The Netherlands, which provides a weaker protection of minority shareholders. It implies that companies need to legitimize their existence not only to their shareholders, but also to society.