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The abstract comes directly after the table of contents. Use Times New Roman or Courier font or a similar font; nothing fancy, flashy, or difficult for the eyes. Citing Sources Keep legible, consistent and accurate notes that include bibliographic information. Concisely restate your key points and discuss the broader implications of the thesis. What is your thesis? You need at least 15 sources, five of which must be articles from scholarly journals. You will have to sign an IBO form certifying that your EE is your own, and has no unsourced material in it, before they will even read your essay.


Use smooth transitions between paragraphs to link the paragraphs, arguments, and sections of your paper.

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It is written on a freely-chosen topic as long as there is a subject teacher in school, as the candidate must have a subject supervisor. What are the topical subsections of your body? Required Contents Page A contents page must be provided at the beginning of the extended essay and all pages should be numbered.

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That way they are less likely to forget to include a citation. An 'Elementary' on either is a so called 'failing condition' which requires a minimum 28 points rather than the usual 24 to obtain your diploma.

The Assessment Crtiteria in Detail!

The game plan briefly explains how you intend to answer the research question and support the thesis, that is, how you propose to proceed in the body. Please note that in light of not having authentic RPPFs to accompany these essays, they are marked against criteria A — D only, for a total of 28 possible marks.

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Thesis — This belongs in the introduction, preferably at the end. Each extended essay must have a research question. There's nothing more annoying than browsing through a page book looking for where that key quotation came from.

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Page numbers in the table of contents and the essay must match. In the bibliography include only sources you have cited in the essay. For instance, if you've nailed the process of sample computer science thesis title labs, do a science investigation.

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The introduction should make clear to the reader the focus of the essay, the scope of the research, extended essay word count guide particular an indication of the sources to be used, and an insight into the line of argument to be taken.

Organization Once you have researched your topic, you should spend a lot of time structuring and organizing your essay. Many of them keep a record of every essay, mainly to ensure there is no plagiarism.

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Please note: Evaluate your own work critically. At the end of the introduction state your thesis or hypothesis for science.

Extended essay | Diploma | International Baccalaureate® - International Baccalaureate® Thesis — This belongs in the introduction, preferably at the end. What is your game plan for the rest of the essay?

If the above example does not apply to you, perhaps ask your IB Coordinator for examples from students past. Please note that an index page is not required and if included will be treated as if it is not present.

After doing all your research 4, words is nothing your first draft could be 6, words.

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How have you satisfactorily answered the research question? They just want to see that you can work on and complete a big project.

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Use your Guide to Writing Research Papers or the online Chicago Style Guide and make sure everything is in the correct style and format. Include section and subsection headings labeled in bold throughout the essay to guide the reader and identify the different sections of the essay.