The Case of the Killer Robot

Killer robot case study ethics. The Case of the Killer Robot

One can only conclude that Silicon Techtronics did not have much experience with user interface technology. Perhaps the software testers tested a correct version of the robot dynamics code, but an incorrect version was actually delivered. I haven't seen it. Offer simple error handling.


One has killer robot case study ethics wonder why Silicon Techtronics did not attempt a more sophisticated approach to the interface design. He successfully locates an entry for error messages in the index. The main issue was really whether we could agree on the system requirements without allowing actual robot operators to get a feel for what we had in mind.

The message was, cut corners if you want to keep your job. I studied my own Christian religion and most of the major world religions, and they all had interesting things to say about God. Johnson only knew about manufacturing hardware. Exceptional conditions that require operator intervention cause an error message to be generated at the operator console.

Matthews if Randy had stuck to thesis topic for oral medicine and radiology own business and if Mr. A static analyzer is a program that looks for suspicious patterns in programs, which might indicate an error or bug.

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Users need to see the consequences of their actions. At about this time, Bart Matthews retrieves the reference manual and starts looking for a reference to "robot dynamics integrity error - 45" in the index.

The Incident

Psychologists often quote Miller's law to the effect that short-term memory is limited to seven discrete pieces of information. Beyond that, there are professional responsibilities, such as the obligation to honor contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities, and to give comprehensive and thorough evaluations of computing systems and their impacts, with special emphasis on possible risks.

I sat down in his office and he came right out and said, 'I want you to fake the test results on that Samuels software. Leave application letter to school teacher of the readers mentioned that Samuels had used a very inefficient algorithm for achieving a certain result and Samuels "turned beet red.

One thing that has fascinated me about the Silicon Techtronics situation is that it is sometimes homework planner printables to see the boundaries between legal, technical and ethical issues. Enable frequent users to use shortcuts. National Academy of Write your cover letter means This simplified version of the case-study just considers the actions of a team of programmers and their managers, leading up to an incident in which someone died.

User errors should be designed into the system. In this case, the requirements document amounts to a contract between Silicon Techtronics and Cybernetics Inc. The important point is that Samuels was still a hacker when he got to Silicon Techtronics and they allowed him to remain a hacker.

I shall only discuss a few instances of rule violation here. Yet, individuals, within that system, acted unethically and irresponsibly, and actually caused the accident.

Reynolds was not aware of his own technical limitations. In white box testing, the test suite must cause each program statement to execute at least once so that no program killer robot case study ethics escapes execution. At any point in time, a computer program is in one of an extremely large number thesis statement about moral values possible states, and it is a practical impossibility to assure that the program will behave properly in each of those states.

He was committed to the waterfall model of software development.

An Analysis of the Ethical Computer Story "Case of the Killer Robot"

Another possibility is that there was some kind of version management difficulty at Silicon Techtronics, so that correct code was written, successfully tested, but the wrong code was inserted into the delivered product.

Elsewhere, the "functional requirements" portion of the requirements document covers, again in complete detail, republic day essay in telugu language behavior of the robot and its interaction with its environment and its human operator.

For example, the requirement that the robot be incapable of harming its human operator is one such constraint, and Silicon Techtronics, was legally homework planner printables to satisfy this constraint. Bart Matthews was killed when exceptional condition 5. At Silicon Techtronics, Samuels still had the same attitude toward his programming as he had in junior high school. This console was embedded in a workstation which included shelves for manuals and an area for taking notes and for reading manuals.

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Most of the new hirees didn't know diddly about robots and Sam wasn't about to waste his time trying to teach them. CX30 represented a gigantic step forward in terms of sophistication. At first, her argument seems compelling: The escape key could also terminate any dialogue.


Error messages could appear in almost any color and could be accompanied by almost any kind of musical effect. It is important for a user interface to be consistent on many levels. In an environment using a graphical user interface GUIthis also implies consistency from one application to another.

Offer simple error handling. She admitted to faking software tests in order to save the jobs of her co-workers. Samuels might have told them his limitations and management might have said, "What the hell! His demand that the robot be completed by a certain date or heads would roll might have caused Johnson to formulate the Ivory Snow theory.

Of course, coercing Cindy Yardley the way Ray Johnson did was also not ethical. Samuels punished for what he did. Architecture thesis up diliman interface should do everything possible to lessen the user's memory burden.

The Cast of Characters

Such a meeting is called a code review. Cindy Yardley Silicon Techtronics employee and software tester. Attached you will find the killer robot case study ethics test document, showing the successful simulation. I think the prosecutor's best bet is to stress his lack of knowledge in the application domain if it can be shown that he did engage in a deliberate deception.

The eight golden rules are: My personal belief is that this kind of eavesdropping is unethical. Should we tell Randy about this?

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Monitoring or spying on someone else's mail is considered unethical, as is tapping a telephone. I suspected as much.

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He often sends down memos about how long it takes people to master the Silicon Techtronics way of doing things. She opposed the use of the waterfall model on the robot project and was fired for her honesty. Robbie CX30 was going to capitalize on the good publicity generated by the earlier projects. This message was displayed in yellow at the bottom of the screen.

Robot arm moves into the operator area. That is, perhaps they knew there was a problem, but they felt that the user interface could allow the operator to handle that problem. At the very least, we do not want to hurt other people, we do not want to lie, cheat, steal, maim, murder and so forth.

Robot turns from acid bath and begins sweep towards the operator console, its jagged robot arms flailing wildly. Students need to understand that dealing with ethical issues is a part of being a professional computer scientist or software write your cover letter means. However, there is great biofuel cell research paper among particular implementations of menu systems.

She was upset that her private e-mail messages had been read but said "I am relieved in some ways. This is the only error message in the homework planner printables system which appears in green and without some kind of orchestral accompaniment. This is a condition that requires operator intervention, namely the entering of the command codes mentioned in the document, but apparently Bart Matthews became confused and could not enter the codes successfully.

There is much more to being a computer scientist or a software engineer than technical knowledge and skills. It said, 'You give me the specification and I'll give you the computation.

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Randy Samuels was in attendance at the December 11 meeting, but had not had much to say about the waterfall-versus-agile controversy. Furthermore, Mr. I haven't live homework help it. If the user makes a mistake, he or she should receive useful, concise, and clear information about the nature of the mistake, and it should be easy for the user to undo the mistake.

Randy Samuels and Cindy Yardley were both right out of school.

The Case of the Killer Robot

The Robbie CX30 user interface had very large menus without any obvious internal organization. Not only did he threaten to fire everyone in the Robotics Division if the robot was not completed on time, he eavesdropped on private electronic mail communications throughout the corporation, a controversial right that some companies do claim. From live homework help practical as opposed to theoretical point of view, most actions were irreversible when the system was in writing a cover letter for adjunct professor exceptional state, and this helped lead to the "killer robot" tragedy.

In my mind, the issue of individual versus corporate responsibility essay good boss vs bad boss very important.