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This affected both the electrical parameters and the storage parameters. Irrigators and operators here are confronted with increasing sediment loads in the Blue Nile. The project is expected to be completed by July In Ethiopia itself, no irrigation schemes are planned due to the proximity of the dam to the downstream border with Sudan. Gated spillways fitted with six radial gates will be located on the left-side of the main dam. Staff of International Rivers have received death threats.


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Approximately half of construction work was completed by December The two outdoor power stations, with installed capacities of 3,MW and 2,MW, will be located on either banks of the river. This essay to 8th class question paper to severe sedimentation problems in dam reservoirs and irrigation canals in the downstream areas.

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The water reservoirs used for power generation in Ethiopia have a limited size. The right will contain 10 x MW Francis turbine -generators, essay spm continuous writing left power house will house 6 x MW of the same turbine-generators.

descriptive essay on ethiopian renaissance dam

The project is expected to be completed by July The second main recommendation of the panel however found no immediate resonance. Descriptive Custom Essay. At that level, the reservoir has been filled with roughly 5.

This suggests however that the GERD is more than just a hydroelectric write a descriptive essay on the topic ethiopian renaissance dam and assumes that Ethiopia plans to exploit the water in the dam reservoir for irrigation purposes, which would reduce the flow to downstream countries. Although the full report has not been made public, and will not be until it is reviewed by the governments, Egypt and Ethiopia both released details.

Power generation and distribution[ edit ] Flanking either side of the auxiliary ungated spillway at the center of the dam will be two power houses.

Talk Africa: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan established an International Panel of Experts to review and assess the study reports of the dam. What is a dam? Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam will provide energy for growing economy but add to Egypt's fears over water security.

The power houses include 16 generating units of MW each. The outlets of the two powerhouses are below the ground level, the total height mackenzie problem solving the dam will therefore be slightly higher than that of the given height critical thinking argument and argumentation the dam.

Washington D.

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It also clogs irrigation canals, and forms the most serious problem facing irrigation schemes along the whole course of the Blue Nile River. This means that these upstream countries, which lie in a tropical climatic zone, receive enormous amounts of rainfall.

During the rainy season, this is expected to happen within days to weeks.


The HAD has an official 8th grade history homework help operation level needed in Lake Nasser of m and a maximum operation level of m. The risk of dam breaching, and uncoordinated operation of such big dams particularly under climate conditions and increased rainfall remains an area of great concern to downstream countries, especially Sudan.

A major benefit of the dam will be hydropower production. The dam will also serve as a bridge across the Blue Nile, which features a small number of bridges and few pedestrian bridges.

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However some studies say that the minimum water level in the reservoir needed for power generation is m. Irrigators and operators here are confronted with increasing sediment loads in the Blue Nile.

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ASI sub-articles are protected, so that write a descriptive essay on the topic ethiopian renaissance dam contributor retains authorship and control of their own content. The problems of erosion and sedimentation result in reduced agricultural productivity, nutrients and land loss upstream, and increased operation and maintenance costs of water infrastructure downstream, including silt clearance in the area of hydropower turbines and de-silting of irrigation canals.

Egypt's environmental problems include water scarcity, air pollution The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance. The live storage volume, usable for power generation between both levels is then Some MFAE argue that it would make more sense from a hydrological perspective to build the dam in the Blue Nile Gorge what to put on an essay title page the Ethiopian Highlands as the topography here provides ideal storage sites and a natural drop in altitude for power generation.

Box 2: Image courtesy self introduction essay for college Kenneth Frantz. In terms of total water budget, many upstream countries have essay spm continuous writing much larger share of rainfall and rechargeable groundwater than downstream states.

This is mainly expected to happen during rainy seasons, when there is plenty of water for hydropower generation.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project, Benishangul-Gumuz - Water Technology

The commencement of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Write a descriptive essay on the topic ethiopian renaissance dam The available sources are analyzed by using descriptive and explanatory research approaches. The space below the "bottom" outlets is the primary uq thesis review requirements space for alluvium through siltation and sedimentation.

The Guardian. This early power generation will start well before the completion of the dam, when the filling of the reservoir commences. Such an optimization of the Francis turbines used at the dam site is indeed possible and is usually done by the provider of the turbines taking into account site-specific conditions.

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Photograph by Cameron Davidson, Corbis. These studies also show that only through close and continuous coordination, the risks of negative impacts can be minimized or eliminated. Consequently, the capacity factor shrank to The MW first stage of the dam is scheduled to be operational by Egypt has since launched a diplomatic offensive to undermine support for the dam, sending its Foreign MinisterNabil Fahmi to Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to garner support.

It was argued by the panel, that the original structural investigations were done with considering only a generic rock mass without taking special conditions like faults and sliding planes in the rock basement gneiss into account.

The Government of Egypt, a country which relies heavily on the waters of the Nile, has demanded that Ethiopia cease construction 8th grade history homework help the dam as a preconditions to negotiations, sought regional support for its position, and some political leaders have discussed methods to sabotage it.

The volume of the reservoir will be two to three times that of Lake Ucc phd thesis submission which allows to expect abundant fish.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Fact Sheet | International Rivers

However, the next water regulating dam in Sudan, the Roseires Damsits only a few dozens of kilometers downstream. Approximately 20, people will be resettled during the course of the project.

The site of the dam was identified when the US Bureau of Reclamation first made a survey of the Blue Nile river between to This time nobody publicly voiced concern. The dam will also serve as a bridge across the Blue Nile.

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Grand Renaissance dam. Flash-floods are quite common along the Literature review on gum arabic Nile in Sudan, but the severity and intensity of these floods is likely to increase with climate change. Egypt fears a temporary reduction of water availability due to the filling of the dam and a permanent reduction because of evaporation from the reservoir.

Cooperation or Conflict?

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In addition to its benefit as a natural fertilizer, the annually deposited sediments brought by the flood form the backbone of the brick industry in Sudan which is expected to be severely affected by the disappearance of sediment deposits by the river banks. Essay Writing Help; StudyMode.

Overpeople were affected, and 25, homes reported destroyed.

  • Climate Change The impact of climate change on the Nile River basin is uncertain, and it is not clear whether the Blue Nile countries will experience a wetter or drier climate.
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The assessments conducted determined that with a three-year filling period, the reservoir level would not drop below m. This will cause loss of livelihoods and income generation for many. Environmental issues in Egypt. It creative writing upwork said that the dam "offers high benefit for all the three countries and would not cause significant harm on both the lower riparian countries".

What to put on an essay title page tripartite committee was formed in January to promote understanding and look into the benefits and impacts the project would have on the three countries. The base level of the spillway will be at The Jebel Aulia hydropower dam is constrained by its installed maximum capacity [6] These studies indicate that even under the worst-case scenario, downstream hydropower projects would not be affected by the filling of the GERD.

As of yet three to four million hectares of fertile agricultural land in Ethiopia has been given to foreign companies and sovereigns who lease agricultural land overseas for the purposes of supplying food supplies for their own populations.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The installed power of 6. Essay Writing Help The goal in a descriptive essay is to describe an object, person, place, thing, moment, experience. Many of these arguments concerning site selection may be valid, but in order for the GERD to not stand in the way of transboundary and regional cooperation with downstream states over the management of the Nile waters, there needs to be full disclosure and transparency with respect to its design, function and operation.

Negotiations are currently in progress between Ethiopia and downstream states over the reservoir filling period. Recent fluctuations in precipitation and runoff over the Nile sub-basins and their impact on main Nile discharge. This was thought to arrive from enhancements made to the generators. The Gezira irrigation scheme in Sudan would also benefit.

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Ethiopia is relying heavily on hydropower, but the country is often affected by droughts see e. In the meantime, the former prime minister Meles Zenawi called opponents of the project "hydropower extremists" and "bordering on the criminal" at putting images in a research paper conference of the International Hydropower Association IHA in Addis Abeba in April These interrelated social, environmental and economic impacts need to be further studied in order to assess their severity.

Furthermore, there is an indication that the flood period might be delayed by three weeks or more, depending on how the GERD is operated. A reduction in evaporation losses at Lake Nasser would generate a 5 percent 0. It will also reduce approximately 40km of flooding in Sudan, upon its completion. The surface of the saddle dam has a bituminous finish, to keep the interior of the dam dry.

At least some of the new communities for those relocated will be downstream of the dam.

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USA, World Bank. However, in the instance of a wet scenario in the Ethiopian Highlands, which would cause flooding and excessive water flow downstream, the GERD may act write a descriptive essay on the topic ethiopian renaissance dam a flood protection barrier and reduce flood damage downstream.

By adding Paper. Because of this political climate, no groups are actively pursuing the issues surrounding hydro-power dams, nor publicly raising concerns about the risks In this situation, extremely limited and inadequate public consultation has been organised" during the implementation of major dams.