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Nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study, the scientists...

A field team studied in detail the system of normal faults and fractures from Monigi to the North over about 3 km. The three seismic measuring devices currently in place indicate that Goma is on top of the epicenter of subterranean activity. The risk of disease and malnutrition may cause many more deaths in the coming weeks.


  • Aid workers had encouraged refugees to mass at two sites some 20 km 12 miles from Gisenyi, where they said it would be easier to provide shelter, supplies and sanitation once aid promised by the international community started to arrive.
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Scientists believe that additional eruptions are likely in the immediate future; however, the eruptions do not pose an immediate threat to Goma at this time. The lava flows damaged 14 villages as they destroyed everything in their paths including, buildings, homes, and the port in Goma.

Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption | John Seach

As the lava entered the lake it turned it acidic,poisoning the water and the fish. The sky around Mount Nyiragongo began glowing red, and ash fell on the nearby town of Goma before dawn Thursday. It is estimated that approximatelypeople were affected by the disaster. Aid workers said up topeople could still be stranded between two lava flows, pouring from fissures at the base of the volcano, between Goma and Sake, 20 miles to the west.

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Water supplies, reinforced by the ICRC, are partially operational and the water quality is acceptable and there is no concern at this stage over there being sufficient supplies for the population.

Provision of water and adequate sanitary condition remains a high priority, as contamination of the lake Kivu has been feared. Electricity has been restored to the city and, ironically, the water of Lake Kivu was now safer to drink following the eruption, because the lava heated it to the point where most of the parasites were killed.

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The general health status is acceptable but monitoring continues. A scientist team had a look at both of them Nyimuragira and Nyiragongo yesterday afternoon and there was nothing. Nyiragongo and Mt. On Jan. The future hazard for Goma and Lake Kivu is for lava to be erupted from a magma chamber or deep conduit in an extension of the rifting.

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  2. The increasing population movements triggered by the severe impact from the volcanic eruption, lava flow smoke and heat plus the concerns caused by the recurring seismic tremors are generating a major humanitarian crisis.
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  4. These issues will be debated for years to come.
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But many said they would prefer to try and rebuild in whatever was left of Goma than live on the streets of Gisenyi, swamped by families desperate for food and water, or in refugee camps the Rwandan government is planning to set up.

Lava flows emitted from the main fracture in several places. Creaking and groaning, the lava slowed and cooled into a wall of black rock, three metres deep in places.

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Lava has entered Lake Kivu. The Goma airport tower is considered inoperable due a risk of gas explosion. There are a large number of refugees in a small area, shelter, sanitation, health and security issues are of immediate concern.

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This support will continue until early Probably half of the population are going to be homeless. At daybreak the lava was continuing to coursework b science booklet but it nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study longer threatened to cut the road linking Goma with Rwanda, witnesses said. The water distribution network currently services between 30 and 40 percent of the city, mostly in western parts speech essay importance of recycling Goma.

Both eruptions were observed in satellite images. From experience with NOAA AVHRR and GOES imagery, it is also known that under certain conditions semi-transparent ash clouds, small ash particles, large temperature difference between ash cloud and underlying surface, low water content in ash cloudvolcanic ash clouds can be nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study in the split window channels IR Wafula, 48, has been tracking Nyiragongo and a nearby volcano since the s.

Samples of water and gas were collected for analysis at Cap Rubona where a pipeline, installed about 10 years ago, extracts gas from the lake Kivu at a depth of metres.

Volcanic Eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo

Non eruptive fractures are visible all around the crater at different heights. Dozens of tremors shook the earth early Monday morning in and around Goma.

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According to the latest report from Professor Wafula considerable damage was reported in the DRC town of Katale, aside from that nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study quake, less serious but nevertheless disconcerting shocks were felt late Tuesday PM and Wednesday morning 10 AM. A Rwandan volcanologist, who flew over Nyiragongo, said the pressure of the lava stream was falling and several flows from the mountain had now stopped.

Democratic Republic of the Congo - Volcano Fact Sheet #13, Fiscal Year (FY) 2002

A fourth fissure opened at 4: It was however reported that the Nyamuragira volcano, located 14 km northwest of the Nyiragongo volcano, also erupted during the July-August period. About 1, tons of food aid was sitting untouched in a United Nations warehouse in Goma while thousands of people made homeless by the volcano eruption went hungry.

Earth tremors continue to take place as often as once an hour, and some are strong enough to crack building walls in Gisenyi. Red Cross teams indicate a determination to remain at all costs.

Nyiragongo eruption case study

Gas samples will be collected on this site. Women washed and cooked with the toxic waters, despite thousands of dead fish floating on the surface. Background On January 17, Mt.

Seismic and other measuring equipment continues to arrive.

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One week later, on Sunday 18 Julythe Nyiragongo volcano erupted again. Many fuel depots exploded, causing fires in Goma and surrounding villages.

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Scores of vehicles headed for Goma through a landscape shrouded in smoke carrying thousands el curriculum vitae english translation homeless Congolese seeking to assess the destruction in the lakeside port. An estimated 90, people remain homeless.

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Lava continues to flow, although the rate of flow has slowed and much of the ash has cleared out of the air. No one knows how many people the volcano killed.

Nyiragongo Volcano

The town's airport and the main road north to Uganda are reportedly cut and unusable to traffic. As shown in the images and the animation below, the brightness temperature difference between the IR Numerous houses in the villages of Kasenyi and Bugara at least people live there collapsed, others are crossed by the still active fault system.

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People who stayed in the town reported that lava had flowed onto the runway and taxiway at Goma's airport but that the facility could still be used.