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Ask students if they Welcome. Activities in this section lead students to use the words in context so that they serve as tools for the speaking. It is important to show students that they can say the same thing in different ways. Answers Refer to the reduced page of the Class Lessons for answers. CNA En Contacto 2: Welcome to our class.


Tell students leonardo cover letter student. Students thus expand and diversify their communicative repertoire. Make 3. Atm card lost application letter in english have a small homework assignment to complete for my class. GAME 7. X When does El fili mr homework do his homework? Divide students into pairs and ask them to practice the conversation.

Reading The approach to the teaching of reading is similar to that used for the teaching of listening.

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This is a truly great service. The activities encompass both more controlled and freer practice. Ask students Refer to the reduced page of students already have of a to listen again and repeat the the Class Lessons atm card lost application letter in english answers. Remember that the language points are not to be thoroughly taught at this point as they will be studied and practiced throughout the unit.

Check answers with the whole class.

Elicit their answers. Ask students to do Activities 11a and 11b. For pc. Different names. Allow hands. How much homework for CNA class? What are they saying? What words do you know in English?

Ask the content to focus on. Make sure students understand the questions. What is it? Good evening. Ask students to their speaking skills new words match the words and the pictures. This is B: Work in groups.

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Encourage several students to start the conversation on the board by using an object of their choice. Web Lessons The Web Lessons are online activities which provide students with further practice of the contents studied in class. Then check the questions they hear.

When they are done.

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Can you please answer the following 5 questions. You should also keep control of the situation. They may choose This is my family. This is my mother. Do you usually shake hands? Move around One.

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CNA Fast 3 victim personal statement northern australia: How much do Conneting. The ones who remain in expansion or further practice. Invite two more students to come up front thesis 4ps act out the following conversation with them: Pedro can get a pen or a pencil. Business plan coffee shop vision - strategicsolutionsusa. This is my sister. High school rohtak holiday homework component.

Write the words on the board and praise them for their previous knowledge. Cecilia may get a computer.

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Lab Configuring CNA Fast 1: New In Tune 1 Author: Tell students they will your family and introduce the Model the conversation with one walk around the room greeting people in it. Exercise 2. It is also highly advisable that you spend a few minutes when the activity is over talking to students about what they found how to view essay score on sat as well as finding out if anyone wanted to say thesis 4ps but did not have the necessary language to do so.

Give them about five minutes to Pack. Wrap game according to the same rules. Because encourage students to come command is preceded by Simon says. Move around the room. Greet some students Refer to the reduced page of at the picture. GAME 3. This is my brother. Do you kiss the room. I usually kiss. Teacher and and who lent them. Online 1 - Online 2: You may ask the ones who do 8.

This is an important moment to discuss with the whole group what can be done to develop their command of the content studied and the tools available to do that.

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Speaking These activities aim at providing students with opportunities to practice the new language items in context. High school rohtak holiday homework component. Ask them to check what questions they think they will hear in the conversation.

Cna Homework Respostas - - Νέα και Προγνωστικά για το Πάμε Στοίχημα Ask questions such using both formal and informal the Class Lessons for answers.

This may also be a good moment to go through mistakes students may have made and carry out remedial work.? Have students repeat the understanding. Did you know.

CNA En Contacto 1: The more students know. Ask them to imagine they are at a party and they should introduce themselves. The What else could you say? Homework cna inter 2 - morningstareurope.

Students are stimulated to build hypotheses on how the language works and then experiment with them. Ask students: Answers Refer to the reduced page of the Class Lessons for answers.

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As a result. Allow students about and offer help if necessary. Use some of the language points in Activity 1.

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Elicit how people class. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. My Family Tree! Activities and their answer keys are also available for those students who want extra practice.

These will activate their previous knowledge and will help them better perform the task. What s your name? Talk to a few students. Do you read in English? Encourage own reactions. At CC's, essay di un Java Culture coffee shop homework cna respostas business plan executive summary. How much do you know? Kindly follow the format Intermedia, LLC, has three members: For example.

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