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The teachers found the use of graphic organizers in mathematical problem solving to be very efficient and effective for all levels of students. A graphic organizer allows a student to quickly organize, analyze, and synthesize one's knowledge, concepts, relationships, strategy, and communication. Many teachers and students use graphic organizers to enhance the writing process in all subject areas, including mathematics. Zollman, A. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Teaching children to read: Polya, G.


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Actually, the form in Figure 1 does not have to be given to the students each time. The steps for the open response write-up are as follows: If students first think of the unit for their final answer, then this is recorded in the fifth, bottom-right area.

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Our instructional approach helped students construct content knowledge and strategic knowledge and, we contend, it also improved their mathematical communication skills. Word problems used to be the bane of my existence as a new teacher.

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Initial thinking is not a linear activity, especially in mathematical problem solving. Students now had an efficient and familiar method for writing and communicating their thinking in a logical argument. Garden City, NY: It also shows that completing a problem-solving response has several different, but related, normans homework help. Teaching and Learning Company.

Brainstorm possible ways to solve this problem.

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However, by having the non-linear layout of the graphic organizer, the student is not expected to do these request for qualifications cover letter sample in a hierarchical, procedural order that some students misapply.

Four Corners and a diamond folding template So how does the use of the four corners and a diamond graphic organizer differ from the traditional Polya's four-step mathematical problem-solving hierarchy?

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Through this analysis, the students have a better chance of comprehending the word problem, choosing the correct operation to solve it, and determining if their answers make sense. What operation are you thinking will solve this problem?

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However, students may remain uncertain about where to start a problem, confused by essential versus non-essential information, or unaware how to communicate important steps and reflections in their solutions.

The graphic organizer helped students coordinate various parts of mathematical problem solving: What things do you need to include in your response?

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This would be acceptable on state assessments, as the problem did not specifically ask for an algebraic expression. In their small-group discussions, students identify relationships between the areas in the graphic organizer and among the various solutions.

Figure 4: The student folds the paper into fourths, first folding the paper horizontally "hot dog style"then vertically "hamburger style"and finally the inner corner is folded up.

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When a student completes a graphic organizer, he or she does not have to process as much specific, semantic information to understand the information or problem Ellis, Consider the middle grades math problem in Example 1 from a recent state assessment. The four corners and a diamond graphic organizer helps each type of student produce a more complete response in each of the three categories and, thus, receive a higher score.

Using the organizers will help them work through complex problems but will take more time.

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Washington, DC: The teacher should model proper use of the four corners and a diamond graphic organizer and have students work in groups when introducing this tool. Zollman, a; b.

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This will give the same benefits in less time. In this article, we discuss graphic organizers and their potential benefits for both students and teachers, we describe the problem solving strategies graphic organizer graphic organizer adaptations we created for mathematical problem solving, and we discuss some of our research results of using the four corners and a diamond graphic organizer.

Students Use Graphic Organizers to Improve Mathematical Problem-Solving Communications

Write or underline the evidence from the problem that supports that operation. The crucial factor in the effectiveness of any instructional method is how it is implemented. Lester, F. The graphic portion of the organizer allows all students to fill in parts of the solution process.

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How can teachers use graphic organizers to actively engage students in thinking and problem-solving activities in all areas of the curriculum? Did you first think of counting the corners or that this looks like an arrangement of tables? Rather, instruction is one of many factors that may influence learning. Adapting a graphic organizer for mathematical problem solving Figure 1: If four corners and a diamond graphic organizer is used as a linear, systematic procedure to teach problem solving, it will succeed sporadically.

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Improving advanced study of mathematics and science in U. It encourages all students to persevere—to "muck around" working on a problem.

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Write the answer in a complete sentence. Retell the problem in your own words.

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If the information and ideas help the student make relationships between concepts, then they are essential. References Ellis, E.

Polya, G. Mathematics scoring rubric. Prove your answer is correct.