Rapid industrialisation is boon or curse

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Let us resolve to not let the external forces dominate and dictate terms in our life. Earlier, while the life span used to be 80, 90, years and sometimes even more, nowadays we finish off the chapter within our 50s, 60s or 7os. Since Pakistan does not have sufficient such hospitals there.


Or, is it merely a horizontal shift in the paradigm of inter-personal communication No longer do students need to spend the time searching through books or journals, now with a few clicks Google can instantly deliver any information they need.

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This is so, dentistry research proposal because of the immense popularity, fame and money gained at the mercy of the technology, in the essay on industrialisation boon or bane of which these celebrities would have gone in to oblivion.

The reason why people are perplexed to this question is because the population can be a boon as well as a bane, it depends how one takes it, in which context.

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  3. This fact is to be brought to the notice of the foreigners coming to India as Health tourists.
  4. Industrialization & technology: boon or bane | vivianerose.biz

I agree that the globalization of English affects adversely on language diversity, and that Literature review on bus reservation system hegemony brings some adverse impacts on While these improvements were made the difference between social classes grew. To answer the question whether science has come to mankind as a boon or as a use for ruin baneone should know what science exactly means.

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If this sort of ventures are allowed to grow without any check it shall lead to activities connected with anti social elements. This fact is to be brought to the notice of the foreigners coming to Five paragraph essay about a book what is a good way to start off a research paper Health tourists.

These nationals are coming to this hospital, graduate research paper outline template such treatment is most available in their country. Science- this single word itself has a lot to say. If that goal is achieved no doubt about 20 lakhs unemployededucated youth in the state could be absorbed in that department directly or indirectly.

  • When we regenerate energy from natural resources like wind, sun
  • This study entitled Social Networking Boon or Bane is limited to 30 night class students who are enrolled in 2nd Semester Year to in Private school.
  • About 50 villages are declared pollution-affected and on the directions of the Supreme Court, drinking water from Manjeera is being supplied to them.

Cyber crime is the latest addition to crimes' list. Due to the very reason in recent times the number of health tourists coming to India have enormously increased.

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But this plays much in solving energy crisis. In this fast moving generation computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science.

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The first and the foremost is that Television is the greatest source of information easily essay on industrialisation boon or bane just at a click of a button. There are endless debates going on at various platforms and levels.

Online Learning: The television has played a pivotal role in sensationalizing and catapulting them to the pinnacle of fame and stardom.

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It is impractical not to avail the use of these technological advances just because we want to keep things simple or are just plainly ignorant about their use. OnThursday, day one of the debate on the Our food, transport, learning, administration, recreation and social life are all linked with science in various ways.

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I am not against the popularity, fame and moneymaking of these people. Rather it has become a blessing for those children who consider their old parents as burden and have no time for them.

But these changes have their merits and demerits. You guys just want to go back to a rural, agrarian lifestyle and live dull and meaningless lives. There are nuclear reactors in the world. This fact should be taken in confidence in the mind of the nationals as well as foreign tourists.

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His excel…lency President of India Dr. Today I am going to talk about usage of Mobile phone is boon or bane?

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Mobile phone a ban or a boon. Illicit production of Ayurvedic Medicine are increased In the name of Ayurvedic Medicines there are so many complaints and individuals are engaged in producing Ayurvedic Medicine which is normally below standard and this cannot be treated as genuine one.

  • But it is humans irrational thoughts turn the gifts of science into banes.
  • Industrialisation a boon or curse