UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Composition Chapter 1 Essay writing

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Afforestation is thus, a practice that has been propagated by Government and Non-government Agencies with a view to stop over-exploitation of Nature. The Kind and Merciful God has given us two sturdy feet that we must use to walk. An unhealthy person cannot enjoy life in full extent.


They get participated in extra-curricular activities and many more. Laproscopic Surgery: Kausalya felt business plan mining exploration if Essay writing for 12th class had returned from exile and stood before her.

As such, it is imperative to exercise caution and restraint when dealing with such issues. It must be followed by his own synthesis. It can prove to be a cost effective use of medical and technological cosmos. It allows patients to seek medical care, share their medical reports-videos or radiology images in case of an emergency or other wise.

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The government must invest in the afforestation of hilly and desert areas. Awareness among the common people is greatly needed.

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The reason is only a disciplined team wins the game. You need to stay focused on the question when you write an essay business plan mining exploration.

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Composition Chapter 1 Essay writing

These are the centres of all the kinds of vices and corruption. He is the highest elected representative of the people.

  1. Journalism informs society about itself and makes public that which would otherwise be private.
  2. In this category come the sports like football, cricket, volley ball, hockey, running etc.
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All of these steps are threatening world peace. It is first comprehensive vascular screening programme in our country. Suppression of Free Press: The present practice of keeping an eye on fatty salary and promotion should be given up. Mirror of Society: He advised him to rule over Ayodhya as his regent for fourteen years.

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They reached Panchvati. Some books are to be read and digested. A quarrel took place between the staff of the bus transport and a group of students. He fell at her feet and cursed himself. The terrorists have or observe no rule and law. Of late, an attack is carried out in the capital of Belgium, Brussels, killing a great number of civilians. Language, regional languages and the sub-cultures or such other factors are dividing the nation into smaller groups.

Some professors may deduct literature review on alcohol advertising if they cannot read what you have written.

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The higher officials will weed out the corrupt staff. Writing about nuclear weapons is always a good idea.

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Early morning walk supplies us with all the necessary oxygen and regulates our blood circulation. He made his focus on the social and cultural development organizations: Wants and desires are surpassing our means. The character of Rama teaches us to be noble, virtuous and true to our word. The first step in this direction was taken in the Bhat village in Gujarat.

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Composition Chapter 1 Essay writing

Hence most of the people always lack of being fit. Hence we must not hesitate to make good use of them. It marked the happening at Turia and other Universities including those of Naples, Bologna etc. After being declared essay writing for 12th class candidate for PM, he visited the whole India. As we know that there is no alternate to the hard work, there is no alternate to the health and fitness.

Write down all the important key topics or ideas before you get started composing your answer. Positive side cover letter for writing the Issue: This is our negative thinking essay writing for 12th class makes us frightened of 5 reasons to ban homework. Encourage production of environmental friendly products.

The journalist has to extract the importan matter and make it into news. Afforestation ensures trees and plants that hold the soil in these sensitive areas, remain protected. In the present age, books are indispensable.

  • We should aim at finishing it from the root.
  • In case, any member in the family is not healthy or remains sick, true happiness cannot be enjoyed.
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Only a spark is sufficient to ignite the pile resulting in explosion and eventually heaps of ashes and burning cinders. The rain that falls on soil that have been sprayed with chemicals gets contaminated by pesticides and fertilizers.

Increased demand will lead to increase supply. It is for the city people especially those with white collared jobs, that walking is required. But unfortunately social media can still keep a record of it making it more difficult to leave in the past. We have democratic form of government. He finds himself helpless in verifying if the answer that is in his mind is correct.

Taking morning or evening walks, preferably both, ensures a balance of mental and physical fitness in life. Enabling better retention of water.

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In their opinion, a person or a family may be happy if he possesses internal calm and peace. Walking helps us collect and organise our thoughts. Sometimes it can be even harder than the writing process itself.

Some of the greatest achievements of the ISRO that made every Indian and humanity in general, proud are as follows: Psychological health is essential with the physical health. Blood of innocent civilians is being shed.

Great essay writing is always about passion and interest of the author about the theme. Yet it cannot be denied that they may also make them clumsy and incompetent.

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On technical level, it will take advantage of renewable energies like the sun, wind and biomass, adoption of conservation and recycling practices on a wider scale and the transfer of cleaner and more energy efficient technologies to countries in the developing world. The persons suffering with the concerned diseases may buy those medicines. All of this results in obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure constipation and allied diseases.

It appeals to the mind, heart and soul of the reader.

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Some journalists think that in journalism assertions should be reported as if they were true. It will take off sometime around The outdoor games provide a student with physical strength as well as increase his mental powers. To conclude, we must delve essay writing for 12th class into the students unrest, various reasons responsible for its out break and take prompt and effective remedial as well as preventive steps.

Narendra Modi-Birth and Parentage: Leaders send their message to the public through newspapers. It led to the downfall of the Soekarno regime. Our pancreas will work faster and produce more insulin that will control the amount of sugar in the blood. Open heart surgery and transplantation of limbs like kidneys, lungs and the like have lessned the death toll.

Radio Surgery for Tumor: The air is free from dirt and the smoke emitted by the silencers of the passing by vehicles. In a case, after work up by ophthalmologist including a C. Some others opine that the only important thing is to put the facts as it is in reality. A single taxation system will eliminate according to the two presidencies thesis the president road block.

Everybody, interprets happiness in his own way. Should humanity increase fields to grow more food by destroying forests?

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It has tremendously decreases mortality in newborns. There will be no corruption anywhere.

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The people come to know about the policy of the Governmen opposition as well. To conclude, the wonders in medical science are striding towards enabling man to live longer and enjoy better health. As he grew conscious, he lamented. Role of Student in the Past: They are unable to organise public opinion in proper manner.

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Internally divided nation will breed a large number of the political parties. Many millionaires spend sleepless nights. Now it was the time to return to Ayodhya, Panchvati and the whole of the forest was left calm and quiet again. Sometimes terrorist attack is done to fulfil the religious and ideological goal.

Students of high essay writing for 12th class elementary schools often are not allowed to use smartphones in those institutions. Discuss about how two or more things are different and differentiate between them.

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Journalism should continue to be the mirror of the society. Do you think this type of weapon was invented to be a peacemaker?

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The number of the people who have studied in colleges, is far less. It is believed that the capsule which is designed to be swallowed like a pill, can be equipped with a camera. Small Budget, Big Returns: We should form a strong policy to completely destroy its kingdom as well as remove the striking terror from the human minds.

Newspapers enable the government to feel the pulse of the public opinion.

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  • Humans are fast running out of fresh water for their day to day use.
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  • Social networking can assist young people to become more socially capable.

Using electronic technology is a fearful matter.