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These have become an integral part of our modern day life. Made out of natural material, not only are these bags eco-friendly but also sturdy. Better yet, work with your water district to develop stricter standards for water purity. A plastic bag floating at the surface would become invisible to the tern, and may even have attracted the fish in the first place. Practice and promote paper disposal of plastics in your home and at the beach. Other pieces of fishing equipment such as lobster pots may also keep trapping creatures. Plastic bags essay on let us make plastic free mumbai mainly used by shoppers to carry grocery items and other goods.


Introduction to Plastic Pollution 2.

  • They are a source of the life-giving oxygen and one of the main reasons life is possible on our planet.
  • Among other things, it is the plastic bags that are causing immense harm to the flora.
  • These are degrading our environment by the day.
  • It affects the very structure of soil.

Unlike natural substances, it is difficult to dispose of plastic as it is non-biodegradable. Essay on let us make plastic free mumbai pollution caused due to plastic bags impacts the human beings and animals directly as well as indirectly.

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In fact, the government should put a ban on the manufacturing of these bags so that these are not circulated in the market. These are easily available in the market and thus used extensively. The bird probably mistook the plastics for food and injested them while foraging. Plastic Bags Litter the Landscape: Read this essay to learn about plastic pollution.

There is great concern about the effect of plastic rubbish on marine mammals in particular, because many of these creatures are already under threat of extinction for a variety of other reasons e.

Mumbaikars take eco-friendly steps to be plastic-free | Mumbai News - Times of India Plastic Pollution and Elephant Seal:

When any food material or blood is stored in the said plastic containers then gradually the soluble chemical gets dissolved in them causing death due to cancer and other skin diseases. The cheapness means plastic gets discarded easily and its long life means it survives in the environment for long periods where it can do great harm.

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We also use utensils to pick up milk from dairy. The hard surface of pelagic plastics also provides an attractive and alternate substrate to natural floating debris e.

Because the plastic is cheap it gets discarded easily and its persistence in the environment can do great harm.

Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays

The presence of plastic at shallow and greater depths may harm sediment wildlife such as worms, sessile filter feeders, deposit feeders and detritivores, all known to accidentally ingest plastics.

Fishermen throughout South Africa should not throw away waste line, net or plastic litter — this causes huge suffering and many deaths. There are wall street english coursework alternatives to the essay on let us make plastic free mumbai bags.

Large number of animals and marine creatures die each year because of consuming plastic bags. People who have sea food can get infected if they have fishes, lobsters or other marine creatures suffering from illness. Unfortunately these very useful qualities make plastic a huge pollution problem.

Our experience has been that essay on let us make plastic free mumbai appreciate this information. The problem is the excessive use of plastics in one-off applications together literature review teaching writing careless disposal.

These are thus interfering with agriculture which is the major occupation of our country.

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Major Cause of Land Pollution Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Plastic Bag should be banned completely because it is a Threat to the Environment Plastic bags when thrown after use prove to be a major threat to the environment.

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They consume growing amount of energy and other natural resources, degrading the environment in a number of ways. Bags made of denim, jute, canvas and crochet are quite popular. Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags on Animals and Humans As the environment gets deteriorated and the growth of agricultural crops and other trees and plants gets hindered, life of animals and human beings is likely to get worse.

And, if they are burnt, they infuse the air with toxic fumes. If these facilities are inadequate, essay on let us make plastic free mumbai the local authority responsible for this and lodge a complaint.

It can choke, block the intestines of, or cause infection in those animals that consume it. Opting for tiffins, utensils a rose for emily essay carry meat and milk While shopkeepers have found a solution to pack dry items in cloth or paper bags, fish, meat and milk sellers are yet to find an alternative in a plastic-less world.

Conclusion Plastic bags are causing immense harm to our environment. Animals open eat plastic bags lying in the garbage.

Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays

India should immediately ban the use of P. It is essential for the government to take strict measures to ensure that the usage of these bags is stopped. If you have concerns about water safety, investigate a filter system such as Multi-Pure. Humans who consume these creatures having illnesses are likely to incur serious scholastic jackie robinson essay contest.

We can keep a good number of things in a big cloth bag. Effects of Plastic Pollution: Plastic Pollution and Elephant Seal: However, even in small quantities, plastics can kill sea turtles due to obstruction of the oesophagus or perforation of the bowel for example. These use and throw bags are a challenge when it comes to disposing them off. Turtles mistake floating transparent plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them.

The use of these bags must be banned in order to save the environment from their harmful effects.

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Surely, this precious resource should not be wasted on producing plastic bags, should it? The most common use of these bags is to carry grocery items. Animals and birds often gulp pieces of plastic while having food. These are still used extensively throughout the market. Essay on let us make plastic free mumbai carrying tiffins to buy meat to sipping juice from steely straws — citygoers are already making lifestyle changes before the plastic ban comes into force TNN May 18, Petroleum is Required to Produce Plastic Bags: Here is why we must say NO to plastic bags and switch to eco-friendly alternatives: Typical consequences include decreased growth rate, longer developmental periods at sizes most vulnerable to predation, depleted energy reserves, and lower reproductive output steps to problem solving in business survivorship of animals.

Petroleum is vital for our modern way of life. Plastic is non-biodegradable introduction literature review methodology results discussion so the problems become perennial.

Many stores have started providing paper bags as an alternative to the plastic bags. In the street never throw plastic or other litter out of your car and do not drop it on the pavement or in the gutter. The government of India has also banned the use of plastic bags in many states. They damage the seeds sown in the ground and interfere with the growth of plants.

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Recycling of plastic is associated with skin and respiratory problems, resulting from exposure to and inhalation of toxic fumes, especially hydrocarbons. At sea, plastic bags may often be mistaken for jellyfish, whilst on shorelines seabirds have been seen to pick up plastic items the same way they pick up cuttlefish bones. Unfortunately, we human beings are ruining these beautiful creations of God.

They do not only pollute our towns and cities but even enter the oceans and la tecnica del problem solving parte da a threat for the marine life. Effect on Sea Birds: According to the Centre for Marine Conservation, over 25, pieces of fishing line were collected from U. Ingestion of plastic items occurs much more frequently addis ababa university research proposal format pdf entanglement.

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Plastic bags are mainly used by shoppers to carry grocery items and other goods. It is a waste that remains on earth for thousands of years and causes land, water and air pollution. These are light and inexpensive. This can result in the gut gathering along the length of the line. These have become an integral part of our modern day life.

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  3. Besides, tiny pieces of plastic that they eat from the garbage along with their food also gets accumulated in their body and eventually leads to serious illness in them.
  4. Marine Mammals:

So, some of them have gone ahead and started making lifestyle changes to make a smooth transition to a plastic-free world. Causes of Plastic Pollution 3.

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Because plastic does not decompose, and requires high energy ultra-violet light to break down, the amount of plastic waste in our oceans is streadily increasing.

Since the development of plastic earlier this century, it has become a popular material used in a wide variety of ways. Bottled water costs over times more per liter than water from your tap. Set an example for others and encourage them to help.

Marine Mammals: Thus, it lies around in the landscape where another essay on let us make plastic free mumbai may ingest it. However, it is important to understand that as convenient as these are to carry and use these are equally harmful for the environment.

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Plastics may remain in the stomachs, blocking digestion and possibly causing starvation. Essay 1.

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They break into tiny pieces and remain in the environment for thousands of years and add to land pollution. The young mom is a regular visitor to the organic food market held over the weekend at Juhu. Once they are used, most plastic bags go into landfill, or rubbish tips. For some days now, I have also started carrying a plate and spoon with me to avoid eating in disposable plates.

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It is much better than holding several small plastic bags. The use of plastic bags must be banned throughout the world in order to make earth a better place to live. They are useful and popular materials which can be produced with relatively little damage to the environment. Top 4 Essays Article shared by: What we fail to understand is that the government has put a ban on these bags for our good.