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Exercises will be shared with critical peer groups and stories shared with the entire class in a workshop setting. Creative Writing Requirements The concentration in Creative Writing requires 33 credit hours as explained below. Your thesis is a book-length manuscript in the genre of your choice. Acting as meaningful go-between for writers and readers is at the heart of the purposes of W This course is typically crosslisted with W This statement helps us determine whether applicants will be productive and valuable members of our community. The application and all supplementary materials, including letters of recommendation, must be uploaded and transcripts received by January 2 or the first business day in January. W Introduction to Poetry Writing This dynamic workshop class introduces students to the fundamentals of the art of poetry:


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Students typically lead workshops on assigned readings and often report on contemporary nonfiction writers they encounter on their own. We do, however, offer workshops in nonfiction, and our students in both poetry and fiction have benefitted greatly from these courses. I want to apply again this year.

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Fiction and poetry must both be typed. Our program offers a third funded year to allow for more time to write your graduate thesis, which we hope will be a strong step toward your first published book.

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ENG W Writing Creative Nonfiction This graduate-level seminar and workshop offers students a comprehensive study of the roots iu creative writing literary prose, as well as an exploration of the craft and technique of contemporary creative nonfiction genres such as memoir, reportage, and the personal essay.

ENG W Creative Writing for Teachers Giving students a deeper understanding of the creative process and teaching them to think and talk about writing as writers do, this service improvement in healthcare essay offers strategies for critiquing creative work and provides guidance in developing creative writing curriculum suited to their classroom needs.

Do I need to have majored in either English or Creative Writing in order to gain admission to your program?

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Please send only the writing that you how to write website name in essay to be your best. What should I write in my personal statement?

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The application and all supplementary materials, including letters of recommendation, must be uploaded and transcripts received by January 2 or the first business day in January. This course will emphasize classic story design and a structured writing process as a reliable method of creating a marketable script.

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Think of your personal statement as service improvement in healthcare essay way you introduce yourself to us, not only as a writer and a reader, but also as a human being. The choice is completely yours, of course, but it's recommended that you choose your strongest work, and which maybe other readers, like teachers, agree best represents your abilities. In fact, many of our students come from areas other than English or Creative Writing.

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  • Students will be expected to generate and complete at least two well-rounded and technically accomplished stories of their own device.

In fact, we discourage prospective students from workshop shopping, i. Students typically read a selection of classic short works in the genre as well as recent essays and book-length works of literary nonfiction.

Department of English: Indiana University Bloomington W Introduction to Screenwriting The goal of this course is to introduce the craft of screenwriting through practical exercises and in-class workshops.

Our Admissions Committees look for evidence that prospective students can successfully take graduate-level courses in literature, language, or culture, since four graduate-level courses in these areas are required for our M.

We have also sought to make the program a congenial and supportive environment for gay and lesbian students, international students, first-generation resume cover letter for non-profit organization students, and students who are single parents.

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Please don't send both poetry and fiction with a single application. W or W Gateway Courses 6 cr.

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  3. We normally accept eight new students each year four in fiction, four in poetryand work to recruit a strong and diverse class.
  4. Our graduate program is relatively small, currently enrolling fewer than fifty students.
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This course is typically crosslisted with W Please note that this class will expect work in the form of short stories, not of the novel. Letters of recommendation help us get a better picture, and to contextualize your application in important ways, so, yes, the letters matter.

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We offer tracks only in poetry and fiction.