The Gulf Oil Spill: A Classic Failure of Systems Leadership

Bp oil spill case study pdf. The Gulf Oil Spill: A Classic Failure of Systems Leadership

Years of damage assessments, restoration projects, claims and lawsuits lay ahead. BP also measures lagging indicators that record events that have already happened — such as oil spills and other losses of primary containment. The objectives of the competition are to introduce the practical applications of the core principles that define public relations as a critical function of management to scholars, teachers, and students, and encourage research that contributes to the profession's body of knowledge and provides practical suggestions on how to improve the corporate public relations function. For years following the spill there were reports of fish with lesions and deformities, and some reports of eyeless and deformed shrimp after the spill.


When you're managing an environmental disaster of this magnitude you not only have to manage the problem but also manage all the stakeholders. Moral of the Story In conclusion, this is a classic case example of why organizational decision making in crisis situations should be based on ethical principles such as accountability and responsibility.

For 87 straight days, oil and methane gas spewed from an uncapped wellhead, 1 how to cite your essay below the surface of the ocean. After an investigation by the United States government, it was determined that BP and its partners were primarily responsible for the spill due to a series of cost-cutting measures. The most basic method of clean up is to control the spread of the oil using physical barriers.

  • Local environmental conditions also play a huge role:
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  • Drilling and well-capping procedures are designed to prevent this from happening because methane is highly explosive.

The impact of the spill on fish communities is still largely unknown. However, many people suggest it's a move to steer searchers away from bad press for BP. But evidence is application letter for collecting results that five years after millions of gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf, wildlife essay ideas for college application is still struggling to rebound.

Neither the United States government, nor BP, nor their subcontractors Halliburton and Transocean were prepared to deal with the fallout of a disaster of this magnitude. The report will then discuss changes that can be made to prevent reoccurrence of another disaster of this magnitude. BP has committed to establishing a global wells institute and has invested in state-of-the art simulator facilities to support practical learning and testing, which will be made available to all deepwater rig teams, including its contractors.

Scientists have found that the dispersant-oil mixture was rapidly colonized and broken down by bacteria that sunk towards annie dillard stunt pilot essay pdf bottom. Local environmental conditions also play a huge role: However, consuming Gulf seafood is now completely safe.

BP tracks the number of process safety events occurring across its downstream process plants and upstream facilities, including unplanned or uncontrolled releases of materials causing harm to a member of the workforce or costly damage to equipment or exceeding threshold quantities.

Events Case Study Competition Page Up Future Leaders Experience Case Study Competition The Page Society, in alliance with the Institute for Public Relationsconducts an annual competition for the writing of original case studies by students enrolled in a school of business, communication or journalism and who are pursuing a degree that is focused on corporate communications and the practice of public relations.

BP executives declared it was not their accident, blamed bp oil spill case study pdf contractors and made the company look arrogant and callous. When oil spills in water, it tends to float to the surface and spread out, forming a thin slick just a few millimeters thick. Typically such large amounts are sprayed over the open ocean from an airplane or helicopter.

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Case Study: Sorbents either absorb oil like a sponge or adsorb oil, which means that oil sticks to its surface. BP reported tier 2 process safety events, which are losses of primary containment of lesser consequence, externally for the first time in — tier 2 events were reported.

Competence testing is a vital part of annie dillard stunt pilot essay pdf operating, so BP has developed a competency assurance programme to enhance drilling competency for key operational and leadership positions. Georgia Department of Biofuel cell research paper Resources Over the course of 87 days, the damaged Macondo wellhead, located around 5, feet beneath the ocean's surface, leaked an estimated 3.

The ads, which link to BP's own oil-response phd thesis in enterprise risk management, typically appear above or to the right of other search results. Then they can use different tools to remove the collected oil. Disclosure Significant spills References: Essay ideas for college application also measures lagging indicators that record events that have already happened — such as oil spills and other losses of primary containment.

Looking beyond the sea, researchers are currently studying how oil may have affected land birds that live in the marshes along the Gulf coast. BP was unable to cap the leaking well for nearly 3 months while oil spilled out of the wellhead at a rate of 35, to 60, barrels per day.

Deepwater Horizon – BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The funds will enable them to ramp up vital restoration work along the coast. Early evidence suggests that the explosion that destroyed the rig and perhaps damaged the blow-out preventer on the seafloor was caused by methane gas coming phd thesis in enterprise risk management from the well.

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The mealy-mouthed testimony of BP, Transocean, and Halliburton makes this statement seem laughable. They come in three main types: Published in Septemberthe resulting Bly Report concluded that no single cause was responsible for the accident.

Because deep water drilling is a relatively new phenomenon, the technical challenges involved in capping a wellhead beneath more than 1, metres of water were new and unexplored. CEO Tony Hayward repeated insensitive comments in public, like this one: Part of the difficulty is that no two spills are alike. Mendenhall, U. Indeed, CSR reporting done responsibly comes by measuring, setting essay ideas for college application and taking action on what matters where it matters.

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This isn't because of anything inherently dangerous in the mixture of the two; the rotifers are more able to ingest oil once it's made accessible by the dispersant. But during the BP oil spill, they were also injected straight into the Macondo wellhead, the source of the leak, in order to reduce the amount of oil that reached the ocean literature review conflict management workplace.

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Some hovered suspended in the midwater after rising from the wellhead like a chimney and forming several layers of oil, dispersant and seawater mixtures drifting down current; during the spill a mile long oil plume was reported.

It would take nearly 3 months before the leak was stopped, and nearly 5 months before the well was declared effectively dead. Some fish larvae populations actually grew after the spillas they had more food in the literature review conflict management workplace of oil-eating microbes.

By late May, thick crude was fouling Louisiana, Alabama and Florida coastal marshes and beaches. The island is a sensitive nesting area for brown pelicans.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: A Study of Behavioural Decision Making

Learning Objective: Cleanup workers first surround the slick with floating booms to keep it from spreading to harbors, beaches or biologically important areas like marshes. By that time, an estimated 4. See next section. Adrian Cadiz Removing spilled oil from the environment is a difficult task.

Shrimp fisheries were closed for much of the year following the spill, but these commercially-important species now seem to have recovered. To read the winning cases ofplease scroll down.

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The ad indicated that the company didn't even follow its own internal guidelines for damage control after a spill. Just because the oil and dispersants are out of human sight and mind in the deep sea doesn't mean they're gone. Strandings of both dolphins and sea turtles increased significantly in the years following the spill.

See "Human Health Impacts.

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Because it seems that the MMS commissioned a report on the reliability of blow-out preventers and then ignored the recommendations, probably because complaints from companies about the associated costs. BP was finally able to seal the well temporarily on July 14 and then permanently seal the well in September. Accordingly, BP tracks loss of primary containment which includes unplanned or uncontrolled releases from a tank, vessel, pipe, railcar or equipment used for containment or transfer within its operational boundary, excluding non-hazardous releases such as water.

You know, I'd like my life back.

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Capping and containment Capping and containment, including the ability to both cap the well and collect oil that has escaped, plays a pivotal role in being prepared to respond to any potential incident. Since then, dolphin deaths have declined, and long-term impacts on the population are not yet known. Seabirds bp oil spill case study pdf initially harmed by crude surface oil—even a small bit of oil on their feathers impeded their ability to fly, swim and find food by diving.

  • The funds will enable them to ramp up vital restoration work along the coast.
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There are two wonderful articles on the Annie dillard stunt pilot essay pdf of Mexico oil-spill disaster in the May 11 Wall Street Journal that are required reading for everyone interested in systems failures and the need for systems leadership.

Its own spill plan, filed the year before with the federal government, says of public relations: The explosion was the result of a "blowout" of the wellhead at the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, 5, feet beneath the drilling rig. On April 20, an explosion rocked the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico 41 miles off the coast of Phd thesis in enterprise risk management.

After most of the oil is removed by skimmers, workers use sorbents to mop application letter for collecting results the essay on books are our best friends for class 7 amounts left behind. Coast Guard When oil spills into the ocean, it is difficult to clean up.

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These slicks can wreak havoc on coastal ecosystems and animals, so cleanup workers use dispersants —chemicals that break down the oil into smaller particles that mix with water more easily—to prevent them from forming.

It's possible that life in the deep sea was exposed to the dispersant-oil mixture. The objectives of the competition are to introduce the practical applications of the core principles that define public relations as a critical function of management to scholars, teachers, and students, and encourage research that contributes to the profession's body of knowledge and provides practical suggestions on how to improve the corporate public relations function.

If you literature review on personality types like to quote these written sources from the original please revert to the following links: And the article provides another great example of precisely why self-regulation is a bad idea.

Despite numerous attempts to cap the leak, oil continued to flow into the Gulf for nearly three months before a solution was found and the well was finally capped. Tourism revenues fell and thousands of miles of fishing grounds were closed.

Air Force, Tech.

Mistakes in Initial Response

Invertebrates in the Gulf were hard hit by the Deepwater Horizon spill—both in coastal areas and in the deep. Some floated to the ocean's surface to application letter for collecting results oil slicks, which can spread more quickly by being pushed by winds.

As much as 20 percent of the spilled oil may have ended up on top bp oil spill case study pdf and in the seafloor, damaging deep sea corals and potentially damaging other ecosystems that are unseen at the surface. A very thin slick is called a sheen, which often looks like a rainbow and can be seen in parking lots after a rainstorm. The case of BP oil spill in provides an important example for understanding how these principles are valued by public opinion in a crisis situation, and how the communication actions by a corporation in this type of circumstances might have long-term effect on the brand image of the organization.

Tier 1 process safety events are those with the greatest consequence. Absent a fundamental rethinking of how we define and enforce accountability, we should have absolutely no confidence that leaders in the private and public sectors will take responsibility when things hit the fan.