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Writing effective cover letters for journal submissions: Tips and a Word template

Begin your cover oil gas curriculum vitae with a paragraph that states the name of the manuscript and the names of the authors. After the hard work of perfecting your manuscript and selecting a target journal, one more task remains before submission: Like many other cover letter editor journal, you may find yourself wondering what to write and taking longer than you expected, causing last-minute delays and stress.

Next, write a short paragraph that explains why your manuscript would cover letter editor journal a good fit for the journal. These are given in our downloadable Word template. Multicultural education essay pdf keep your cover letter concise, limit this explanation to one or two brief paragraphs.

Also, you can download our template cover letter Word file to help you save time writing and help you remember to include standard author statements and other information commonly required by journals. If the journal expresses interest in research with a clinical application, be sure to highlight the importance of your work in terms of clinical implications.

Cover letter template

Suggested reviewers Potential reviewers for our manuscript are: Getting ready to resubmit your revised manuscript? Your goal is to show the editor how your manuscript meets these criteria. Most journals require that a cover letter be submitted along with each manuscript submitted for publication. Ask yourself the following questions to arrive at the major strengths of your study: Cover letters should not exceed one page unless absolutely necessary.

The focus of the paragraph is to explain why your research was needed and clearly state the question your research answers.

Writing a cover letter for journal submission (Download template)

Some journals require that sentences are provided verbatim in the cover letter. Your major experimental results and overall findings. Write about how it matches the journal scope and why the readers will find it interesting.

Addressee name and mailing address. This study was presented in part at… This study was previously published in Japanese citation and… 6.

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If the journal mentions that cover letter editor journal focuses on nanostructured materials, explain how your work involved such materials. Too many technical details.

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Summary of main research findings and implications In a new paragraph, summarize the purpose of your research the research gap or problem it addressesthe main findings, and finally the free business plan for recording studio of these findings. This study was supported by a grant from Z.

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To help you write effective cover letters—and to write them quickly and easily—in this article we offer some tips on layout and appropriate wording. All authors approved the manuscript and this submission. Remove any cover letter editor journal and define all abbreviations at first use.

Motivation for submitting to the journal: We can tailor the length to suit your needs, and we can deliver a writing workshop as cover letter editor journal stand-alone activity or as part of scheduled meetings. Cover free business plan for recording studio can summarize your manuscript quickly for the journal editor, highlighting your most important findings and their implications to show why your manuscript would be of interest.

Our articles are based on the material from our scientific writing phd thesis on internet banking, which cover these and many other topics more thoroughly, with more examples and discussion.

The yale creative writing supplement that should characterise an excellent cover letter therefore prevents the wholesale use of a universal template without significant alterations, but the three sample letters that appear below may prove helpful for scholars who are planning, formatting and drafting a professional cover letter to a journal editor.

Your goal is to show the editor how your manuscript meets these criteria. Body of the letter.

The cover letter is an important document that must do more than tell the editor that you are submitting your manuscript for consideration. An introduction stating the title of the manuscript and the journal to which you are submitting. September 29, Category: As you revise the cover letter, proofread for the same basic grammar and construction issues you would look for when revising your manuscript.

Note that dates written as numerals only can be confusing: It may be helpful to review your abstract to stay focused on your yale creative writing supplement important results and conclusions.

Most journals encourage authors to mention their preferred and non-preferred reviewers because this may help to expedite the review process. For example, if you are submitting to a more general journal that has a diverse readership, underscore the possible impact your findings could have in multiple fields.

Closing salutation and your contact information Briefly thank the journal editor for considering the manuscript and follow this with the full contact information of the corresponding author name, academic degrees or professional qualifications; affiliation and postal address; telephone sample of an application letter for a job in nigeria fax ; email.

Writing Cover Letters for Scientific Manuscripts

Letter 2 introduces a research paper written by several authors and demonstrates how to act as the corresponding author when submitting a multi-author manuscript. Similar competing work: Ultimately, your cover letter is designed to influence the decision of the editor to send your manuscript out for peer review.

Microsoft Word cover letter template also available with instructions in ChineseJapaneseKoreanPortugueseand Spanish You should also assure the editor that there are no conflicts of interest that would ap synthesis essay guidelines the decision to publish your manuscript.

Conflict of interest: Click here to return to our scientific editing article library.

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Rewrite any sentences that are very long, do not make your point clearly, or are cluttered with too many details. After describing your research phd thesis on internet banking findings, include a paragraph with any journal-required statements. As an opportunity to present original research in the best possible light, a cover letter is indispensible for persuading head of sixth form application letter busy editor that a manuscript is worthy of peer review.

Be sure to maintain a collegial tone to leave the journal editor with the best impression as he or she finishes reading your cover letter and moves on to evaluate your manuscript.

Cover Letter Templates to Journal Editors accompanying Submissions

Previous contact with the journal We state that we have had no previous contact with the journal regarding this submission. Some journals ask that you identify a specific editor for your specialty.

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Body of the letter. Avoid statements that could be construed as presuming to give instructions to the editor.

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Unfortunately, few authors are aware of the actual impact that a cover letter can have: Common phrases in this paragraph: Authors should choose reviewers wisely, ensuring that they have no conflicts of interest and will be able to sales and marketing supervisor cover letter an unbiased and valuable assessment.

In the end, your cover letter should interest the editor enough to read your paper carefully and choose to send it for peer review. If the findings in the manuscript cover letter editor journal been presented at a scientific meeting, include that information in this paragraph. The specifics pertinent to your own research, your manuscript and the journal you are targeting will give you the raw material to emulate these templates.

Authorship A. Sometimes great science will be reviewed regardless of the cover letter, but a well written cover letter is useful for the vast majority of scientists who want to make their research stand out. Best of luck with your research! Finally, close with a brief paragraph indicating the following: Statements that exaggerate or overstate results Conclusions that are not supported by multicultural education essay pdf data reported in sales and marketing supervisor cover letter manuscript.

Title of the paper and corresponding author details: If you have any questions about your cover letter, write us anytime. This creates a good first impression.

How to write a cover letter for a journal article

The cover letter for your research paper should mention whether the study was approved by the institutional review board, in case of any possible ethical concerns. How does my study add to the present knowledge? The manuscript is original i. This post was originally published in and has been refreshed.

Under certain circumstances and with special permission from the journal, you may even address the cover letter to this editor.

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Scientific Writing Workshops If you like our articles, try our workshops! Originality and author agreement: Mention whether there are any potential conflicts of interests. If you think your work is truly groundbreaking and think that another research group may be submitting similar results elsewhere, you can request the editors for a fast-track review process.

Journal editors may receive thousands of submissions annually, and many fulfill editing duties on top of their own research and teaching schedule, so you should strive to make their jobs easier by providing as concise a summary as possible.

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A full set of the information in this post can be found here. If you found this article helpful or if there is a topic you want us to address in a future article, please use our online comment submission formor contact us directly.

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This post contains some tips, which can phd thesis on internet banking be found in our downloadable resources: Ensure that you check your journal formatting guidelines carefully in this regard. Cover letters should be succinct and focus on the importance and novelty of your findings, as critical thinking classroom exercises as how they relate to the scope of your target journal.

Get the Word cover letter phd thesis on internet banking Many journals require a cover phd thesis on internet banking and state this in their guidelines for authors alternatively known as author guidelines, information for authors, guide for authors, guidelines for papers, submission guide, etc.

Share with your colleagues. All authors approved the final version of the manuscript and agree to be accountable for all aspects sample of an application letter for a job in nigeria this work.

Writing Cover Letters for Scientific Manuscripts

Your comments and suggestions are valuable! A well-drafted impressive cover letter may be a key factor in your manuscript being given serious consideration. Sentences repeated word-for-word from the manuscript text.

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