263 words essay on My Last Day at School

Essay on my last day at school for class 9,

They make the parting day attractive. Some of the students brought video cameras as well to record some exciting and memorable moments together for the last time. The function was started by the students of eleventh class. Saxena, advised us to who is a great scholar and fine speaker, conveyed to us his best wishes and advised us to reach the examination hall well in time. Our Geography teacher Mr. After the speeches, refreshment was served with cold drink. We, the studentstook our seats on the chairs.


As we entered the compo, the students of class IX welcomed us with cheers. Image Source: Birth day give us happiness while last day gives us a feeling of sorrow. I was happy and sad—happy at the prospect of joining a college and sad at the thought of leaving my school where I had spent seven years of my life.

Even after several years everything that took place on that memorable day mapua thesis electrical engineering crystal clear in my mind. The last item of the function was a group photograph.

263 words essay on My Last Day at School

As the day of farewell get-together approached, my mind was weighed down by the sad thoughts of departure and goodbyes. The entire school was present including the Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, staff and students to felicitate us.

It fell on the 28th of Feb. He assured the Principal and the teachers that they would never forget their school and worthy teachers. Our final examinations were over and the results had critical thinking in health assessment ppt published.

I still have my uniform with all my friends' comments and signatures on it. As we proceeded to the Staff Meeting essay on my last day at school for class 9 for the tea party, the boys and girls of the higher sections were standing in two rows of line.

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I shall always remember my last day at school. All of us were busy greeting and wishing each other. I was sad to leave school; but the last day of school marked a new beginning in my life - I would now enter College.

The principal and the teachers sat in the chairs. On listening to the notice a deep sadness came over me and my batch mates as from the next day, we would be parting ways.

  • This was the last day of my school life.
  • A stage was set up for speeches and cultural programmed.
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He recalled the guidance which we had been giving them from time to time. Once Mr. How we were displeased at one moment and were the same friends at the next.

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Then our class teacher delivered a brief speech. They read poems. Finally, the leader of our class was invited to speak a few words after which we were taken solemnly for a farewell tea party with the staff.

Then our monitor thanked the Principal, the teachers and the 11th class students for their good wishes. Last of all the Principal rose from his seat.


Many students among us stood up to speak a few words of gratitude and promises to do our best in life. We, in turn, garlanded our Principal who always treated us like his own children and the teachers who spared no pains in preparing us for the final examination We took our seats and the programmed started.

I could not solve some problems in Geometry so Cover letter for college instructor job went to the Mathematics teacher and got 3p learning problem solving level 3 difficulties solved. We, the studentstook our seats on the chairs.

Our Principal, shri R.

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We were free now. The students of the 11th class played the host. It was a memorable day. I reached the school as usual at 9. He further said that they would do their best to remove poverty and illiteracy from Pakistan. The students of class twelve was asked to sit in the first two rows in the auditorium. The atmosphere became gloomy.

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The students of class IX arranged a farewell party in honor of the outgoing students of class X. A stage was set up for speeches and cultural programmed. It was a turning point in my life which was filled with both joy and grief.

The tea party ended on a sad note with a touching fare well song, sung by the students of class IX — the then senior- most class of the school. Related posts: I advised them to try to keep the good traditions of the school in the fields of games, cultural activities and studies.

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He also told us the method of answering questions in different subjects. It concluded 13 years of my school life years of happy days spent together. The vivid pictures of my Principal, teachers, friends, classroom, library, the school anthem, sports day ceremony, prize distribution day, the examination hall, the games room, the staff room was all just flashing through my mind.

They garlanded us all. It was tastefully decorated with buntings and balloons. Everyone seemed to be missing the school days on the one hand and looking forwards into the unknown land of future, all uncertain and vague. The Principal spoke for ten minutes. I replied to this address on behalf of the students of class X.

Then our principal delivered a long and delightful speech recalling happy days at school and made us laugh. Several other teachers also said many beautiful cover letter for college instructor job about us.

All the 10th class students came to school without their satchels. He promised, on behalf of his class fellows that they would keep in mind the lessons taught by their teachers.

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I recalled how we and played, read and sat together. I got my scrap book, note book etc ready to take autographs and write down a few memorable lines about teachers, staff and friends. On that day we were given preparatory holidays for the Secondary school Examination.

We then hugged each other with a loud uproar for the last and final time along the school corridors and stepped out of the portals so dear. I was feeling so important for the first time in my life. After passing this examination we would have to face hard realities of life.

The monitor of their class, Sanchit Sharma, Spoke highly of us.

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The school hall was decorated. The hosts gave us a fare well speech. We were deeply moved by the gesture. Last, but not least I went and thanked the office staff and bearers who had also an important what key components must be included in a well-written business plan to play in my school life.

Teachers went round to supervise the arrangement and service done by the student so class IX.

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We had both smile on our faces and essay on my last day at school for class 9 in our eyes. There were clapping on all sides.

words essay on My Last Day at School

He made a speech which moved our hearts. Time has just flown! It was one of those auspicious days, where I found myself stepping into a new world with a new horizon. He assured the principal and the teachers that they would never forget their Alma Mater.

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We were all feeling sad on this occasion and some of us had tears in our eyes. My last day at school marked by more or less the same feelings. We school hands with our teachers and friends and said good-bye to the school. The official invitation brought tears to our eyes.

The school loudspeaker was filling the atmosphere with the tunes of moving, patriotic film songs. The students of the 11th class were host to it. Each of us was given a nice souvenir and some refreshments.