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The student should choose an adviser for the thesis who teaches in his or her field of study, broadly defined. It is strongly suggested that the student identify a second reader in consultation with the thesis adviser. Click on the links towards the top of the page. Members of dissertation mcdonald committee must receive their copies of the dissertation at least one month before the defense date. The bound copy will go to the department and the CD-copy will go to the Library. Generally the advisor will make a number of suggestions for revision. Normally, the third committee member will be a member of the Doctoral Faculty.


In the case that content is removed, the metadata for that content will remain in the repository with a note explaining the reason for removal. Footnotes and bibliography will be single-spaced, with double spacing between notes and entries.

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When both readers have electronically approved a thesis through CUNY Academic Works, it will be electronically forwarded to the department graduate advisor. Yet, it is important to bear in how many words can personal statement be that the second reader may also be a good resource for bibliographical information, ideas and criticism, from whichthe student could profit in the process of conceptualizing and drafting the thesis.

In most cases it is expected, although not required, that the student will consult and cite a body of sources in the language of their field of study.

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Preparing the Dissertation A great deal of information about Graduate Center dissertations, including matters of formatting, can be found here. The thesis should be approximately pages in length. The Proposal Defense Students are city university of new york thesis to consult with the DEO of their area for specifics of the proposal defense procedures.

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They will read only the "defense version" of the dissertation, and will make any suggestions for revision at the defense. The committee may include faculty from outside the music program or even from outside the University, but The Graduate Center does not provide outside readers with honoraria or travel expenses.

The Elusive Dissertation

The city university of new york thesis page should bear the title, the author's name, the advisor's name, the date, and the statement, "Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts of the City College of the City University of New York.

Second Reader: In the case that the student has not yet acquired proficiency in the language of his or her field, with the agreement of a faculty member willing to serve as the adviser of such a project the student may employ alternative sources—such as, English-language sources; critical editions of primary sources in translation by noted scholars, or, in the case of an analysis of the historical literature on a topic, secondary sources.

The master's thesis is usually a history of a specific topic that is based upon the consultation and citation of primary sources. Members of the mongodb homework 3.1 java must receive their copies of the dissertation at least one month before the defense date.

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The final two members of the dissertation committee may be chosen at this point, or they may already have been chosen. The body of the thesis should contain an introduction, titled sections, a conclusion, and a bibliography.

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For information specifically about formatting, see here. Graphic materials must include a descriptive caption that includes the author and original source. A thesis prospectus is a page-thesis proposal in which the student not only identifies the topic and sources of the what do u mean by thesis but also locates the work within the larger historical literature of the field, broadly defined.

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The advisor will be responsible for reporting the result to the Assistant Program Officer. Content deposited to CUNY Academic Works will be associated with the name and affiliation of its author sand will be freely discoverable through major search engines such as Google and Google Scholar.

The Proposal Defense has three possible outcomes: If you request an embargo period, the metadata record for the work will reside in the repository but the work itself will not be publicly available until the embargo expires. For more details, see Step by Step Guide for Students.

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Striking over or crossing out an error is not permitted. Take time to review all of this information as well: The mentor-student relationship differs between each student and each city university of new york thesis. I have full power and authority to make this Agreement. I hereby grant to CUNY and its agents the non-exclusive right to archive, preserve, and make publicly accessible this Work in whole or in part through its open access institutional repository, CUNY Academic Works or any successor initiatives, in any medium now or hereafter known, in perpetuity.

The student is responsible for seeing that each signature is obtained.

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You should check with your publisher to determine the repository policy before submitting the work. The second reader may only be asked to read a final draft of the thesis and sign the thesis cover how many words can personal statement be.

When the advisor and first reader are satisfied that the dissertation is ready for a defense, the student should canvass the committee for possible defense dates and times. Click on the links towards the top of the page. Cover Sheet: To the thesis should also be appended a bibliography of all the sources cited in and consulted for the work, both primary and secondary. If the dissertation is not accepted, the student will consult with the dissertation advisor and Deputy Executive Officer of the area.

Illustrations, graphics, charts, and photographs must be scanned or produced with an appropriate computer program.

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Mutation essay questions the student has revised the text and the advisor has approved the revisions, that portion goes to the first reader, who may also suggest revisions. The Dissertation Defense The final examining committee has a minimum of four members: When the dissertation has received final approval, it is ready for deposit.

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Once the program adviser and readers approve the thesis via CUNY Academic Uniform circular motion problem solving, the degree candidate may not make any revisions. One of these copies will be bound by the student in a standard black manuscript binder available in stationery and office supply stores, as well as our bookstore ; the other one will be in a.

Approval of the thesis must be secured from both the thesis adviser and a second reader. The text is to be double-spaced, except for quotations of more than four lines, which will be set apart single-spaced and indented.

Finding CUNY Master's Theses

You will also submit a paper copy of the signature page. You will receive a permanent URL to include dissertation childhood obesity your CV, as well as monthly download reports telling you how often your work has been downloaded and read.

Because of the need for both advisor and first reader to approve the full draft, and the possibility that revisions will be requested by one or both, students should allow for a period of months between the time the final chapter is submitted to the advisor and the date of the defense.

If the decision requires minor how many words can personal statement be, the revised document will need to be approved by the chair of the defense before the dissertation city university of new york thesis be city university of new york thesis.

Who Can Submit

Pass, Pass with revisions without an additional Defense meetingand Fail requiring an additional Defense meeting. Circumstances that may merit the temporary or permanent city university of new york thesis of a work include claims regarding copyright, privacy job application cover letter for fresh engineering graduate data protection.

The student should choose an corporate culture change case study for the thesis who teaches in his or her field of study, broadly defined.

By depositing your work in Academic Works, it will receive wide visibility via search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, and Bing. No ink insertions are allowed.

What Kind of Work can be Submitted

The prospectus should append a bibliography of the job application cover letter for fresh engineering graduate literature on the student's topic and within the student's field that was drafted in consultation with their adviser.

The content of the thesis should include the following, when applicable, in order as listed: Upon approval of the final draft of the thesis, both the adviser and the second reader must sign the thesis cover sheet available in the Graduate Office and on the Department's websitewhich is then submitted to one of the M. Copyright In order to submit work to CUNY Academic Works, you must hold the copyright to the work or have the approval of the copyright holder s to submit the work.

I hold the sole and complete copyright in this Work, or have been authorized by the copyright holder s to enter into this agreement. The defense version must be complete and final in all respects, including all appropriate front and back matter such as abstract, table of contents, footnotes, list of figures, bibliography, and appendices, and be in full compliance with Graduate Center guidelines for format and content of dissertations.

Normally, the third committee member will be a member of dissertation childhood obesity Doctoral Faculty.