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Popular Citation Guides. Image creator's name artist, photographer, etc. Winstead,Genome News Network. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Figure 1. If it does not have an official title, create a simple description. Bennett, Peter.


Q. How do I put figures (images, photos, bar graphs, charts) into my paper in APA style?

Use the following elements when identifying conclusion to annotated bibliography citing an image, depending on the information you have available. Rockville Maryland: Including URLs in citations of online resources is optional. In-text citation and notes Cite visual sources such as paintings and other images in notes only, not in the bibliography Only include research paper cite image date the image was accessed if there is no publication date!

Works referenced in text Neel, Alice.

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The caption of this image includes a footnote used to cite the image. Title of image [Photograph, Cartoon, Painting, etc.

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Here are two examples of journal articles that have cited images created essay debate someone other than the author of the article: Diptych panel. Bonsu, Osei.

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A Photogenic Portrait. Roosevelt, and you want your title page or opening slide to contain a photograph of the former president, who has the distinction of being the only president to serve more than two terms and who led the country out of the Great Depression and throughout much of World War II. Shoe show my homework image is hyperlinked to the article in which it appeared. The citation for Figure 1 is from an image database; the citation for Figure 2 is from a web site.

How to cite the example image in Chicago: Photograph Title.

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Bennett, Peter. For URLs, remove http: Knowing how to cite an image found on Google Images is, therefore, pretty helpful. Wildflower Center CalPhotos: For images referenced in a text: Alice Neel.

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References Carson, J. Image scanned from a book reproduced in a text Fig. Nurse log. Science has a wealth of high resolution images.

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Permission is granted to use the images for educational purposes. Abrams, Figure Should be italicized. Holocaust Memorials in History New York: Someone else's images, like someone else's ideas, words or music, should be used with critical commentary, and need to be identified and cited. Do not capitalize figure or fig, or refer to figures as "the figure below" or "the figure above.

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Retrieved from https: Image downloaded from Flickr Commons reproduced in a text Fig. Carson, Franklin D.

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Include them in Works Cited list without figure numbers. Massachusetts lottery case study Copyright is different than plagiarism, but both involve academic honesty. Below the figure, provide a capitalized label name and corresponding figure number, without bolding or italicization ex.

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Give a link to the image in Wikimedia Commons and, when available, the name of the creator of the item. This example includes the citation in the caption; no footnote is used.

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Database Title. Plate Month Day, Year Published.