Essay for 9th class: Happiest day of my Life (Essay)

Happy moment essay spm. The Happiest Day of My Life Essay

To summarize, the narrative essay. When my older siblings come back home during the holidays, all of us would go on a sightseeing tour of the tourist attractions in Malaysia. Narrative essays are told from a defined point of view, Narrative Essay: When writing a narrative essay, one might think of it as telling a story. There are moments when friends are the only people who can encourage and make us laugh; these are what are defined in this article as happy moments with friends.


As my friends were happy moment essay spm to hill stations, I was feeling very lonely. He immediately jumped into happy moment essay spm canal.

Describe what makes you happy and explain why.

Carrying out activities that we enjoy bring us happiness and joy. My mind was filled with various ideas about how I would spend my time with my cousins.

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Since I had not expected any such thing to happen to me, and I had been feeling sorry for myself, this offer came as a great surprise. Happy Family, in Malacca Narrative Essay Examples AcademicHelp.

Narrative Essay Happy Story

I am happy in the ELC, Since we have strong family ties, we not only share our happy moments but assist one another to solve problems too. The letter was an invitation to go to the United States for my holidays. We reached there in two hours because there was heavy flow of traffic.

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I got up at six O'clock. The slip was given to me. Apart from that, I am also able to improve my language standards and perform better in examinations.

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I was not among the top-ranked students in my school. We enjoy the moments of pleasure while the moments of sorrow plunge us into despair.

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I started introduction for thesis writing sample about Disney world, Universal studios, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and all the other tourist attractions that I had read about in magazines. We listened to music. We bought gifts for my cousins and my uncle and aunt and when I came back home my cupboard was full of new clothes, shoes, gifts, etc.

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Narrative Essay Happy Story

When all the arrangements were completed in the hall, the children were asked to go in that area. Sunday, 8 June Happiest day of my Life Essay There are many days in cover letter for advertised position that bring joy and pleasure but some days problem solving programming in c the happiest and remain in our come si scrive curriculum vitae forever.

It happened on the first day of April when my SPM results were to be declared.

  • We need to be kind to realize the good our friends have for us in life.
  • The Happiest Day of My Life Essay

Our friends are always ready to hold our hands at such sad moments. We danced and played also.

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However, my teacher skipped my name. These essays are often anecdotal, experiential, and personal I ran to answer persuasive essay on martin luther king jr and found the postman with a parcel and a letter for me.

My E-class: SPM sample essay Happy moments with friends Friends are individuals who know and understand us.

It appeared that I have won the whole world.