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However, results are mixed. Thus, several environmental changes may potentially have positive effects on consumer nutrition and health. From the results of this study we conclude that reducing the plate size does not seem to be an appropriate intervention to reduce the consumer behavior thesis energy intake promoting weight loss. It was examined whether a change of the menu set in combination with communication measures essay my phobias exert influence on consumer behavior of canteen visitors. Gamification, which is defined as the use of game design elements in non-game contexts, was the method used for raising awareness. Consequently, fighting food waste has to take local circumstances and factors into account and also requires a proper analysis of the local food waste situation. Nutrient content and energy of the foods were estimated by comparison with the corresponding real food items.


The strength of symbolic meaning in environmental decision-making - The symbolic significance fallacy and its interplay with moral compensation processes In Switzerland, private households are responsible for one third of the total energy consumption BFE, Main effects for framing and alcohol consumption were significant: Devout consumers, those for whom religion is a central focus in life, also differed significantly in their purchasing behaviour from casually religious consumers, those for whom religion is expedient across all three religious groups.

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The second dimension referred to uncertainties that emerge due to scientific characteristics such as imprecise computer simulations or disagreement among scientists. Why are people so willing to follow popular cultural trends?

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Furthermore, it is unclear whether the size of a plate affects the meal composition too. Intention was in turn determined by personal norm, personal attitude, health risks and perceived behavioural control. The managerial implications of the research findings were discussed arid suggestions for further research were proposed.

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  2. The present study aimed to find out a how important naturalness is compared to other factors when choosing a wine and b how different attributes of a wine affect the perception of naturalness, in particular in regards to production techniques used in winemaking.
  3. While participants were aware meat has a bigger impact than most protein-rich products, they underestimated cheese which has an equally high impact on climate change.

Consequently, fighting food waste has to take local circumstances and factors into account and consumer behavior thesis requires a proper analysis of the local food waste situation. Further, we tested if alcohol consumption moderates the influence of framing, as we hypothesised the occurance of cognitive dissonance essay on school life full of interesting certain group of participants - high consumers of alcohol.

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Beim Piktogramm gab es keinen entsprechenden Zusammenhang. After this task they filled out a food questionnaire, while the foods were weighed and counted by the experimenter.

Analysis of the qualitative interviews revealed that on the one hand the participants perceived scientific uncertainty as an inevitable part of science.

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Insbesondere interessierte auch die allgemeine Einstellung zu einem automatisch zugewiesenen Standardprodukt und wie dieses aus Kundensicht idealerweise ausgestaltet sein sollte. Item Type: How does that influence consumer buying decisions?

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In our view this information is a precondition for creating adequate and effective measures related to that share of food waste. Participants in the experimental group with the healthiest cereal bar in the middle chose the healthy cereal bar significantly more often Andrea Weber Men were more vulnerable to the nudge than women.

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In der Intuitionsbedingung war die Numeracy positiv mit der Effizienz bei der Verarbeitung der Zahl korreliert. On the other hand, health outcomes of moderate cover letter for executive position sample consumption, have been discussed with controversy. Subsequently all participants were asked to assess their acceptance of solar power based on the information received. Using a large plate might be a simple and inexpensive strategy to increase vegetables consumption promoting a healthy diet.

Raising Awareness of Sustainable Food Choices: Subconscious experiences.

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Women and vegans tended to have higher food disgust sensitivity in certain food disgust domains. Back to overview Nadine Wickli Choosing the optimal positioning for single food items might be an effective strategy to increase selection of products with better nutritional value. Therefore, sustainable consumer behavior has become an important issue, in particular in canteens and restaurants.