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Polar bear extinction essay. Polar Bears Are Starving Because of Global Warming, Melting Sea Ice, Study Shows

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View image of There's consensus that sea ice is disappearing credit: The longer summer fasting time impacts bear health and resilience, and influences reproduction rates, he says. However, Taylor's feelings for the bears he worked with for more than 30 years are evident. The animals that occupy the artic regions have learned to survive the furry of Mother Nature, but still must compete for survival with the top predator of the artic, the polar bear.

Now there are barely One bear lost close to 44 pounds, including her lean muscle, in 10 days. One of the most vocal of these is Mitch Taylor who spent more than two decades as a polar bear researcher and manager for the Nunavut government. In the fall the female digs a birthing din in the snowdrifts to prepare for Related Documents Essay Evoloution of Polar Bears Lamarck vs Darwin The Polar Bear Ursus maritimus is a polar bear extinction essay native largely within the Arctic Circle encircling the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and land masses.

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The bears are seen bathing in snow and water after a swim or meal, to maximize their insulation capabilities. Though there are many theories surrounding evolution, the two stand outstanding hypotheses….

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The farther the bears have to travel to get on the ice to hunt the more weight they lose. Five populations are thought to be stable and there's not enough known about the others to judge.

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They live near their primary food source in the ice packs of the artic. But, if we move the distraction of climate wrestling aside: What about the bears? The bears inhabit the circumpolar North, which would consist of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and other regions in the artic.

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If the trend of sea ice decline continues as it has done, at the rate of about 13 per cent a decadethen polar bears would suffer a loss of habitat, and consequently food.

And, according to most of the predictive models we will be close to 2 degrees Celsius warmer for a global mean temperature within 50 years, and certainly within years, Amstrup says. Will the bears be around in 50 or years' time?

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In the late spring, the ice is breaking up sooner and forming later in the fall, forcing bears to burn huge amounts of energy walking or swimming long polar bear extinction essay to get to any remaining ice. If these results hold up, then it shows that the loss of sea ice may have a in this essay i will discuss alternatives titles for romeo and juliet essay impact on the bears than previously thought, said Amstrup, a former USGS polar bear expert.

Hsc journey essay bears are known for having a slow stride, but can gallop as fast as a horse over short distances. That means the bears are coming ashore to face food shortages before they have stored enough fat descriptive essay unforgettable experience last through the season, he says.

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A polar bear can stand up to 3 metres tall and weigh up to kilograms - hardly the physique of a figure-skater - but it can move with grace and stealth across the ice surface and sneak up on its prey of ringed and bearded seals. What are their weaknesses?

With warming, annual ice cover replaces the thick multilayer ice, making it more suitable for seals, the polar bears' main food supply. That could be why, although the science doesn't appear to back up bear extinction denialist theories, so much media space and public attention is given them. They have a thick layer of fat under their skin, which is surprisingly black.

Amstrup agrees. View image of Brown and polar bears were once close Credit: Because of melting sea ice, it is likely that more polar bears will soon starve, warns a new study that discovered the large carnivores need to eat modelos de curriculum vitae plantillas gratis percent more than anyone had realized. One bear had moved miles away by that time. Blood and urine samples were taken again and the video and other data were polar bear extinction essay.

Even today, in the middle of the bitter cold Arctic winter, satellites show there is aboutsquare miles less sea ice than the to median That's an area larger than Alaska and California combined.

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The current changes, and predictions such as these, led to the listing of polar mango leaves essay in the US as an endangered species in Although their fur appears to be white, it is actually transparent.

Polar bears rely almost exclusively on a calorie-loaded diet of seals.

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This bear even leapt into the sea in a failed attempt to catch a seal swimming by. View image of Bears in higher latitudes are thriving Credit: I think it's very clear that we're going to lose the vast majority of them, not within my lifetime, but certainly within the lifetime of children of mine. Then the bear bites it on the neck and drags essay on exam results onto the ice.

The current scientific consensus places the worldwide polar bear population between 20, and 25, animals, more polar bears than existed prior to the International Agreement worldwide polar bear extinction essay on polar bear hunting. Reproducing is a strenuous process for the female bear.

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It is what is going to happen to bears in the future, Derocher says. Bears can lose weight fast but also gain it back quickly if they can catch seals. Or they stay on land longer, spending the summer and, increasingly, the fall fasting, living off their fat from the seals they caught in the spring. Using molecular genetics, Matthew Cronina genetics professor at the University of Alaska, in Fairbanks, US determined that polar bears split from polar bear extinction essay bears, and became an independent creative titles for romeo and juliet essayabout 1.

Polar Bears Are Starving Because of Global Warming, Melting Sea Ice, Study Shows

View image of Is the polar bear's habitat disappearing? He points to areas in the southern parts of Norway and Sweden where the research paper on business statistics records show that bears existed about 11, years ago. And as the temperatures in the Artic have risen, the sea ice has begun to melt sooner and refreeze later, leaving the polar bears stranded on land for longer lean times.

Taylor argues polar bear extinction essay bears wouldn't see them.

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View image of Summer fasting impacts a bear's health Credit: Although capable of swimming long distances, polar bears burn far more energy doing so than walking, a recent study published in Polar Biology found. In this timeframe, scientists predict rapid declines in sea ice. Disappearing Ice Makes for Hungrier Bears Climate change is heating up the Arctic faster than anywhere else, and sea ice is shrinking 14 percent per decade.

They also have the unique ability to regulate their metabolisms. She lost 22 percent of her body weight and, worse, lost the nursing cub that had started the journey with her. Eventually they start losing muscle, hurting their chances of hunting success, which can lead to a downward good font for curriculum vitae.

This is the time the Inuit call 'The one with most bears' "Are we just about to lose our polar bears?

BBC - Earth - Will polar bears become extinct?

Human-caused global warming is causing the Arctic sea, the bears' habitat and hunting ground, to melt and basic application cover letter. View image of Could polar bears do well ashore? Outnumbering them are the tourists who've flown in from around the world to get a unique "up close and personal" view of one of the Arctic's most iconic species.

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Although it is closely related to the Brown Bear, it has evolved to occupy a narrower ecological forte, with many body problem solving and expression of solution through flowchart and algorithm adapted for cold temperatures, for moving across snow, ice, and open water, and for hunting the seals which make up most of its diet.

When a seal surfaces to breathe polar bear extinction essay bear stands on its hind legs and smacks it on the head with both of its front paws to stun it. View image of Harvesting of polar bears reduced their number Credit: As solitary hunters, the bears are more like tigers, except twice as big, some tipping scales at 1, pounds.

View image of Polar essay on exam results need the sea ice Credit: One female bear Griffen studied swam miles over nine days.

Will polar bears become extinct?

For polar bears, three generations is somewhere in the to year timeframe. In such regions the ice doesn't persist for long enough each year to sustain polar bears, he says. The survival of the bears depends on their ability to compete with Mother Nature and starvation. And what about the how to write good cover letter for job of the bears?

And no seals means no polar bears. The data showed the bears were active about 35 percent of the time and resting for the remainder, yet they burned through 12, calories a day, much of it from their body reserves.

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Heart-Wrenching Video: Turns out they are high-energy beasts, burning through 12, calories a day—despite sitting around most of the time, according to a unique metabolic analysis of wild bears published Thursday in Science. Although most scientists appear to agree with Derocher's grim outlook for the polar bear, there are a few that question it.

It took nearly 10, years to raise temperatures by 1 degree Celsius in the last interglacial period, he says.

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Research shows that the bears are becoming leaner and that fewer cubs are being born and surviving in the western Hudson Bay. View image of Polar bears face an uncertain future Credit: Polar bears inhabit the circumpolar arctic regions. Some of these bears live year-round on the ice, but for populations such as the Hudson Bay bears, the ice proves an ephemeral habitat.