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The following map helps to visualize the geographic location trend of poverty. Hence, the reader must be aware of the flexibility of the concepts in their application. Identified are five causes of regional inequalities. The neoclassical approach considers subsidies a hindrance of market forces. The two highest levels are 0.


Migration plays a role in regional gaps, probably enlarging them.

Study programmes - Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

On the one hand these percentages depend on the population distribution. Soil and land reservation policy. The OECD considers that during the s and s, regional development master thesis posed new challenges to intra-country regions. Disadvantages of internet use essay instance, Mexican regional policies seek a better population distribution in the whole territory through human settlement management.

The following chart shows how the regional policy objectives have changed from period to period.

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The three richest states, Nuevo Len, Coahuila and Distrito Federal, have their highest share of GDP in both secondary and tertiary activities, manufacturing and services. Inthe United Nations UN prioritized human settlements and urbanization in the international agenda. Mexican cities, This comparison shows the difficulties in tackling regional disparities due to poor economic performance coupled case study of 2go high rates of population growth.

Some of the issues regarding the regional development are included, but they are not deeply developed and no clear and pragmatic strategy is established. The NDP of the first period makes two important contributions to regional policy: But to which hierarchical level the regional policies are applied also depends on the national administration of the territory.

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The two highest levels are 0. Urban and regional development policy. This process is sample thesis for sales and inventory system development master thesis common agreement between all the stakeholders involved, but there is no specification regarding the proportion of money contributions by the states and federal governments. At that time, the actions towards regional development were direct interventions from the government of each state through subsidies and the enhancement of sectoral policies.

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Regional development is endogenous resourced- based with a broad focus towards all regions. When talking about regions, their policies, processes and goals, it is unavoidable to talk about geographic units and of the very wide diversity of factors that delimitate them. This double mechanism is very helpful when there is a large geographical territory with big regional imbalances.

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Chart 3. Graph 6. Firstly, the member disadvantages of internet use essay are classified according to a convergence criteria base in the GDP per capita of each country. It is interesting to observe to what extent social backwardness has evolved in the last ten years. Its creation was inspired by the Structural Funds of the EU.

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Currently the objectives of the UDR are the reduction of regional disparities and policy articulation that enables economic growth and regional development. The system was created to understand the urban spaces where the development priorities are focused.

While the neoclassical approach legitimizes governmental interventions only for the regulation of market forces essay about two tv programs to correct market failures, the endogenous growth theories give a strategic weight to governmental participation through polices to enhance the economic growth. Finally, the GINI index provides important information about the developed regions in relation with the least developed regions.

The regional policy stands out for being inclusive, working jointly with governmental representatives of each country at national, regional and local levels, private sector, non- governmental organizations, trade unions, civil society, academics and many other stakeholders.

Hence, the states with better economic performance in terms of GDP per capita and that contribute more to the national 32 GDP are close in terms of inequality to the state with the worst performance in all indexes, Chiapas.

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Carrillo Arronte, R. Even regional development policies can easily be confused with pro- poverty policies or with policies that support only certain disadvantages of internet use essay of the economy. The federal governments conception is that since Mexico is a predominantly urban country, the urban spaces should have major creative essay lesson plan in public policies.

The index ranks the states according to their degree of social backwardness in five categories: The second mechanism addresses the managerial needs of a huge territory.

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It is also to enable graduate Master student for the role of an analyst and evaluator of regional development strategies and policies in European continent, as well as adequate preparation for the work in educational job application letter format in pdf scientific institutions.

The creation of 17 the Cohesion Policy was a radical change in the political approach to regional development due to the inclusion of social arguments to regional development policy, in addition to the curriculum vitae sample in thesis growth reasoning of helping lagging regions to catch up.

In this section, a list of eight criteria is used to judge the spatial inequalities among Mexican states. It is important to highlight that in the national budget there is no a specific item for the trust funds.

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In addition, in Regional development master thesis five regional development master thesis funds were created, one for each mesoregion. It should be noted that the rural areas have always been part of the objectives.

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The region means first the cities within the mesoregion and then the outlying areas. Hence, regional development policies ultimately benefit the economic growth and social welfare case study on smokers a country. In this section, the strengths and weaknesses of the Mexican regional policy from the last ten years are identified, analyzed and commented on.

There is not a global guideline for regional development policies, that is, if they should address concrete problems in specific lagged areas or curriculum vitae sample in thesis economic growth in all regions.

Moreover, the importance of the big cities as development poles is declared in both documents. The following graph, besides showing the variation of the GPD per capita per state, shows two trend lines: The program represents the federal view, which has the same approach to urban, territorial and regional development topics.

They were never created. In theory, the first fund was to be assigned to already developed and dynamic regions and in regions with development potential.

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These funds remain in the form of the Structural Funds of the EU. In this official document there is not one section devoted to regional policy. Usually the classification NUTS 2 is the level where the funds are allocated.

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Mexico has had four economic crises in the last thirty years6, regional development master thesis situation that regional development master thesis not allowed economic stability hampering the execution of long- term polices. In yellow are the states that show a drop in place, in grey those states that have remained in the same place and in green the states that have ascended in the national rank.

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The most important lesson of GINI index for Mexico is that besides the remaining spatial inequalities, economic wealth is concentrated in a low share of the population and in certain economic sectors and geographic regions. Even though it pretends to have an integral view, this program emphasizes the urban and land planning aspects, subordinating the regional development to them.

The endogenous growth theory does not predict any convergence. Regional disparities in Mexico. The hertz thesis governments of the states and the federation co- operate to choose the projects to be executed. Even though it has an all- regions approach, most of the efforts are concentrated in lagging regions.

As part of the Land planning policy, the creation of two regional funds was contemplated: The definitions quoted here can be applied in a national context when considering the subnational territorial divisions of a country, and in an international context, when taking in regional development master thesis account international blocks.

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The trust funds and the projects financed through them result only when the wills of the states come together. Simultaneously, one of case study of 2go objectives is to employ contemporary methodology in researches and data analyses, as well as to adequately present results in the form of scientific letter.

Topics and contents of final-Master papers that would be elaborated and defended within the study programme Regional Policies and Development, could include more scientific fields and disciplines: