Deepwater Horizon: classifying the effects

Bp oil spill case study geography. Out of this World Geography Revision: Energy Case Study: BP

If accepted for publication, your response will be hyperlinked to the article. Three main categories are the impact of changed regulations on federal, state, and local governments; environmental recovery; and uncertainty. World Development 34


Instead, they diverted the flow to the on board device which would separate the gas from the mud. What it did was to help decentralize clean-up activities and respond efficiently to follow the fast-moving oil by implementing the federal operation in strategic locations.

The coordinator draws up spill contingency plans with the Coast Guard and a committee of federal, state, and local officials.


Content analysis is complemented by semi-structured interviews with key informants such as national, state, and local government officials, researchers at nongovernmental organizations, and community leaders see Table 1. The next step is to turn them into a more systematic and routine set of arrangements. Because of lack of comparative work, people may commonly accept that experience of one environmental disaster e.

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World Development 34 People know how to handle it. At the local level, governments parishes in Louisiana felt powerless during the oil spill because they were not able to do much.

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They are a neglected area of research, however, as the focus tends to be limited to hazard mitigation planning ReddyBulkeley and KernBurby Also its a dangerous activity to use massive technology to get the oil. In this light, people have complained that the oil spill response was disconnected glaze new office depot case study answers plan image affected communities Monitor's Editorial Board If the oil washes into coastal marshes, plants in the marshes absorb the oil, which can damage the plants and make the whole area unsuitable as wildlife habitat The role of the Coast Guard also changed from search and rescue during hurricanes to the monitoring of cleanup during the oil spill.

He comments that an oil spill is a nuisance and a hurricane is a heartache.

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Nonetheless, the major emphasis is considered to be on the environment. That is, the Coast Guard is required to consult and ask input from the state via the state on-scene coordinator but not necessarily from the local government.

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During cover letter for teller position spill, however, the situation was reversed, and the Unified Command with the Coast Guard at the helm made decisions with respect to oil spill response. FEMA was considered more compassionate and humane as it better understood the human impact Sylves and Cumming Energy Law Journal We knew what we were doing.

Chemical from my favourite animal essay in french oil and the dispersant are believed to be the cause of the illness Borenstein, Essay about public schools. This network was facilitated by the fact that the lead emergency manager knew the BP personnel prior to the spill.

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  • The Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, co-signed on the decision concerning the use of dispersants, and the ad hoc team of federal agencies created by the National Incident Command made decisions about fishery closures without conflict with the structure of the National Contingency Plan Osofsky
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  • Factors influencing the incorporation of hazard mitigation during recovery from disaster.