Literature on Carbon Nanotube Research

Literature review on carbon nanotubes,

In the paper no information is given on the reason why the CNT growth stops at some point. On this device CNTs in the length range of tens of microns are mounted. The tensile measurements are obseverd by transmission electron microscopy TEM and videotaped.


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  • The authors point to a very important player in CNT growth:
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  • In a process that is identical to the growth process of CNTs, except that no catalysts are used, apparently CCTs grow in the furnace.
  • As a consequence the carbon cap lifts off the catalyst particle.

An additional interesting information in the household thesis is that you literature review on carbon nanotubes design the places on the substrate, on which CNTs grow by placing the the catalyst only in certain areas of the substrate using lithography.

The observations are made in time-lapse transmission electron microscopy TEM and in x-ray photo-electron spectroscopy. The maximum reported breaking strength is in the order of 10 GPa for a 1 mm long spun yarn.

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If not, how much is the specific breaking strength reduced if a yarn is spun out of them? The current limited understanding of the CNT growth process and the inter-fiber forces in a spun yarn does not allow us to build a sufficiently strong wire for the space elevator from CNTs.

Now the interesting part comes: The authors describe the procedure to extract the aerogel and start spinning a yarn from it as it is continuously drawn out of the furnace. It is however mentioned that the ultra long CNTs are capable to bridge gaps between substrate plates.

Mildred Dresselhaus - Raman Studies on Double and Triple Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Demczyk et al. Measurements of the tensile strength tension vs. Atkinson, and R.

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Here's an interesting excerpt: Hutton, C. This is in line with the in yellow pages business plan observations by S.

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With this method the CNTs grow to an impressive 4. In their article G. Realistically speaking, we are still at around 3 GPa of breaking strength.

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Kinloch, and A. The team envisages it being used in "smart" clothing and the aerospace industry, and says that its properties will be of particular use to electronics manufacturers.

Literature on Carbon Nanotube Research -

They are imaged by transmission electron microscopy TEM and measured: Zhang, K. The authors point to a very important player in CNT growth: The authors show, however, that, at least for this CNT growth technique, oxygen is important, because it removes hydrogen from the reaction.

Can they be produced in quantity? The process continues to grow a CNT as long as there is enough carbon supply to the base of the catalyst particle and as long as the particle cannot be enclosed by the carbon compounds.

This can apparently be avoided by putting an aluminium oxide layer of 10 nm thickness between the catalyst and the substrate. CNTs